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July 10

Becoming Better

“Arriving at meaningful solutions is an inevitably slow and arduous process. Nonetheless, what I saw was: better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence, it takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all it takes a willingness to try.” Atul Gawande “Better,” by Dr. Atul Gawande, is an inspirational account which […]

January 16

Working with EPI in Eswatini – Part 1 Community Dialogue

First,  I wish you a happy new year. 2019 started for me in Eswatini with some of my family who visited me, it was awesome  🙂 Months after the first blog, and before going back to GSK Belgium, I’m sharing some memorable experiences. All this time, I’ve enjoyed every moment working with EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunization), CHAI, WHO, […]

August 22

My 1st month with CHAI in Eswatini

I’m writing for the first time a blog to share my experience in Eswatini (previously Swaziland). A couple of years ago I could not locate it on a map, now I’m living and working in Eswatini 🙂 DISCLAIMER: What is written below reflects solely my opinions and does not engage any other person or any […]

January 17

Spirited Away

(Before you start reading this post, I invite you to open this video and leave the music on the background. Trust me, it’s a beautiful song from one of Japan’s best animations, “Spirited Away”, created by master Hayao Miyazaki.) After five months working as a GSK PULSE volunteer in the Philippines, I decided to take […]

November 28

I don’t want to get angry anybody living here, I wish they liked us

I saw a book which has dark cover page with big white letters and I interested in its headline. The headline is that: “On the Brink of a Lost Generation”. The book was a research about refugees of Syrian children and youth in Turkey by Açık Toplum (Open Society) Foundation. They made field visits lasting […]

November 26

Those that can…

  At GSK one of the key behaviours highlighted for good performance is flexible thinking. Africa excels at this behaviour in so many ways that once you have experienced it you will never say “I can’t do that” again. The can-do attitude is inspirational and astonishing, and it makes you realise that the small opportunities […]

November 16

Live Together, Die Alone

Not everything in the Philippines is about beautiful beaches, singing to karaoke, or breathtaking diving sites. About 3 years ago, this country faced the fury of two heavily damaging disasters: a 7.2 earthquake and Typhoon Hayan. I’ve been here for almost 3 months now, working with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy to help local communities better prepare […]

October 11


We live in a world where the words “evolution” and “development” are constantly making it to the headlines. A world where connectivity is a given, accessibility is almost omnipresent, and where technology has enabled us to surround ourselves with a (literal) social network, linking us to multiple worlds, diverse realities. It’s very beautiful, eh? Yeah, […]

October 07

It’s time for Africa!

Selam!! (Peace in Amharic) Without wanting to sound overly dramatic this is a fairly overwhelming blog to write so to do it justice but so you don’t fall asleep, I’ll write it in instalments. It has been a busy schedule for the last couple of weeks… My first trip to Africa, and it did not […]

September 26

A Day without Rain

It’s been a little over a month since I arrived in the Philippines. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here forever; other times I get really surprised by how fast it’s going. Some days are long and filled by gloomy clouds, like a tempest ready to storm your senses away; most often, though, the experiences […]

August 26

Summer and street art in the City

Summer has finally hit in London….public transport is a no go and the parks are packed but the city is alive and kicking so I have taken to walking to work….and I’m so glad I did. I have personal interest in street art and there is a colourful trail on my route which wakes me […]

July 15

Mission Pulse….. Challenge accepted!

Hi! My name is Amy Lane and I live in the UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with Save the Children, however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own Its been 6 months in the making but 10 days ago I began to embark on the […]

October 21

Future GSK Scientists and PULSE Volunteers? Sounds Sweet in the Ears of These Kids

Last week after completing training for Community Health Volunteers and Committee members at Akatenchie, one of the STAR CHPS villages, I had a remarkable ORANGE DAY experience which to me was the most fulfilling part of the day. If everything works right, I believe I may have prepared the PULSE volunteers of the next two […]