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October 31

When access to education become luxury

I visited Temporary Education Centers (TECs) to help Save the Children distribute various educational materials for students and teachers. Temporary Education Centers, are schools that were established by Syrians when they began to realise the crisis was becoming protracted. In November 2014, the Turkish Government formalized the TECs and brought them under the Ministry of […]

October 16

On-Off-On: Restart

It’s been 3 weeks of silence. After the traumatizing events in my family a month back, I must confess I lost a little bit of inspiration in my Kenyan adventure. But then I went home and spent time with my family and friends, and then I came back. After more than 15,000km of travel back […]

October 07

It’s time for Africa!

Selam!! (Peace in Amharic) Without wanting to sound overly dramatic this is a fairly overwhelming blog to write so to do it justice but so you don’t fall asleep, I’ll write it in instalments. It has been a busy schedule for the last couple of weeks… My first trip to Africa, and it did not […]

September 17

Dance with me.

  Imagine you are a teenage girl or a boy, you are young, smart, beautiful, talented. You aspire to play, laugh, create, perform, achieve. Yet, you live in an informal settlement or a slum area in Nairobi. The streets where you live are not safe. You need to do an extra effort to get a decent education, school fees, […]

September 11

#10 of 25. The Power of A Good Story.

Stories, stories, stories. In my communications role with Save the Children, I have come to realize that capturing and sharing individual stories is very important. Already three months into my assignment, I take this part of my work for granted. Yet recently I was asked by my friend Mahendra the “why” question – so why you capture these case […]

September 04

Children’s Voices from Dadaab

If you think “refugee crisis”, you think Europe. Now … think Africa! As per UNCHR end’15 data, the world’s largest refugee camp is located in Eastern Kenya. Dadaab. It was the site hosting more than 300,000 refugees, most of them fleeing from the Somalia civil war. “It was”, because few years back Kenya and Somalia governments signed an […]

August 29

The making of … a hero

How long it takes to shoot a 30″ TV commercial? It takes months and months of preparation, concept development, testing, drawing, shooting, post production. And a huge team: client, agency, production house, you name it. Soooo, when on a Wednesday morning I received the list of people, locations and interviews VIP wanted to cover for […]

August 19

Have you got a kid? Or a nephew?

…And do you know that one of his/her official and fundamental right is to have a name?? This is defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). I thought “does it really have to be a right?” It had to be written, because in some places around the world, children don’t even […]

August 11

The story of Esther and Elijah

In a place like Kenya it’s hard to draw the line – will you be just an observer or an active participant? Is it a choice really? During my first 6 week here I was more of an observer: of numerous tales and stories, most of them with happy endings, because of the impressive interventions Save the Children have. […]

August 07

5 of 25. A new perspective: looking forward to more boring weekends.

5 weeks of 25 have gone by, at the speed of light; I was busy finding my own space in this colorful country, defining my work with Save the Children, building new connections, creating new routines. Today week 6 starts. It is a lazy Sunday morning. Shower, check! Second coffee, check! Online news, check! Facebook updates, check! Music, check! It’s only 10 a.m. and […]

August 02

Meet the … traditional birth attendants

The car drops us in the internal yard of Bumula health facility. Sitting at the back seat and chatting with my colleague, my mind is somewhere else, so I’m surprised to see a big group of middle aged women sitting on a sloping meadow, below some trees. They are expecting us. I hesitate to get out of the […]

July 24

Tout Timoun Ladann!

This is in haitian creole the title of the campaign I will assist at Save the Children in Haiti as a Pulse volunteer. My task will be to help promote the protection and education of children, and to fight against domestic work. The inventory was made by UNICEF in 2015: in Haiti 400 000 children from […]

July 22

Audrie from Kibera

Have you heard about Kibera? They say it’s the biggest slum in Nairobi, one of a few in fact.. The home of estimated between 150,000 to 1,000,000! men, women, and children, just 5 km away from the city center and, as it happens by chance, half km away from where I live in Nairobi. I […]

July 17

600g of life

Let me tell you the story of 600g of life. Aisha* asks: Anyone had a premature born baby?  I see a bunch of hands slowly rising among the audience. 5 or 6 out of how many? 100 women? Too many, if you ask me. Aisha continues: Oh, well, only few then, the rest of you are lucky. My […]

July 15

Mission Pulse….. Challenge accepted!

Hi! My name is Amy Lane and I live in the UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with Save the Children, however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own Its been 6 months in the making but 10 days ago I began to embark on the […]