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July 12

Cebu and Batangas…smiles, jeepneys and tricycles

Its been 10 days since I started with the team here at Smile Train Philippines and field trips have being a must for me to start understanding the organization´s model, mission, ways of working and challenges. I have felt welcomed, and I’ve received the most beautiful smiles from patients, families and the partner hospitals and […]

June 30

Why am I here?

I departed Panama 9 days ago after a week filled with unexpected goodbye moments. It was charged with support and respect from peers, friends and family regarding my upcoming volunteering assignment. As an immigrant, saying goodbye to loved ones is always a challenge I normally turn away from, this time it was no different, nonetheless, […]

January 17

Spirited Away

(Before you start reading this post, I invite you to open this video and leave the music on the background. Trust me, it’s a beautiful song from one of Japan’s best animations, “Spirited Away”, created by master Hayao Miyazaki.) After five months working as a GSK PULSE volunteer in the Philippines, I decided to take […]

September 26

A Day without Rain

It’s been a little over a month since I arrived in the Philippines. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here forever; other times I get really surprised by how fast it’s going. Some days are long and filled by gloomy clouds, like a tempest ready to storm your senses away; most often, though, the experiences […]

November 29

GSK and Save the Children Partnership in full swing in the Philippines – Orange Day 2013

Since the announcement of the Orange United partnership between GSK and Save the Children this May, the GSK Philippine team is one of the first (if not the first) to participate in an Orange Day in full collaboration with Save the Children.  GSK’s Orange Day was launched in 2009 to give all employees one day […]

November 16

“Race for Survival” takes on a new meaning in the Philippines

Along with staff in 67 other countries, the Save the Children Philippine Country Office simultaneously hosted a children’s relay marathon race on October 17, 2013 titled “Race for Survival” to raise awareness for children’s health and nutrition during emergencies.  Within a month of this advocacy campaign to influence the national and local governments to prioritize […]

October 15

“It’s more fun to be One GSK!” – 2013 GSK Employee Day in the Philippines

On Friday, October 11th, I joined the GSK staff for a fun day at the Philippines Navy for the 2013 GSK Employee Day.  What a show of solidarity and a prime example of “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” and “It’s more fun to be One GSK!”  The GSK teams competed in various events like […]

August 14

Raising Awareness for Early Childhood Education and Hunger & Malnutrition

In honor of National Children’s Book Day, I had the pleasure of accompanying the Save the Children Country Director and staff in the Philippines to the July 16th “First Read” Program Celebration at Taguig City University.  The “First Read” program focuses on early childhood development for children ages 0-4 and is being implemented in 123 […]

July 15

First Month with Save the Children in the Philippines

It’s crazy to think that 1 month ago today, I was on a plane from Philadelphia to Manila. (Three planes technically, if you count the 2 layovers in Seattle and Taipei…) In a blink of an eye, 1/6th of my PULSE assignment with Save the Children has come and gone.  But what a month it has […]

June 14

“I’m leaving on a jet plane”… in 24 hours!

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” Hard to believe the time has come so quickly from when I found out I was matched to work for Save the Children on March 26th to getting on a plane to the Philippines on June 15th.  These past three months have been a whirlwind of […]