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December 02

Thanksgiving in Nairobi

Most movies show how Thanksgiving is a miserable day spent with family whom is only seen once a year (‘hilarious’ high jinx somehow ensues). To real American families, Thanksgiving is a very important and special holiday. It was very difficult to spend Thanksgiving away from my family. So we had Thanksgiving in Nairobi! My girlfriend and […]

November 24

Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative of Kangemi

The two KAVI sites in Kenya are located in Nairobi and Kangemi. The Nairobi site at the Kenyatta National Hospital, where I work, has an up to date lab where we receive blood donors and perform high-throughput assays. The KAVI site in Kangemi is located in the slums. Here the KAVI employees are within the […]

November 19


Nope, this is not a rapper’s name, it was the conference I went to in Cape Town, South Africa. HIV Research For Prevention was partially sponsored by IAVI. I was invited to both help represent my site at KAVI as well as explain how IAVI and GSK partner up to assist worldwide. I met with […]

September 22

Welcome to KAVI

“You’re the guy from GSK we have been waiting for. I thought you would be older.” This is where I work: I am six weeks into the second phase of my PULSE assignment. The lab setup and experiment layouts are going well. It certainly helps to be working with a great group of smart scientists. […]

June 19

Origin Story

I joined GSK three years ago and during the first week of catching up with the science, meeting coworkers, and seeing the opportunities GSK offered, I noticed the PULSE program. Within the first month I mentioned to my line manager, Christine, that I wanted to apply. Christine agreed that it would be a great opportunity […]

June 14

Boston -> London -> Nairobi!

Hello! I am excited and nervous… mostly excited, to have this opportunity to work for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) to assist with their HIV vaccine that is currently in Phase I and IIa clinical trials. I will spend the first month in London to learn the assays and assist with development. Then in […]