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September 21

The Power of Music … a great healer and Benchmarking

Music heals, it brings joy to people, it lifts the mood, it reduces anxiety, it soothes the soul, it breaks barriers of language and the list goes on…. However, I didn’t understand the power of music fully till I met Ms Rama Bhalla. Rama is music teacher in Aashirwad School (for mentally retarded & disabled […]

August 24

A message of Solidarity: you can make the difference!

Goleta August 24, 2016 Dear reader, I’m writing just now after having received sad news: tonight (at 3.36 am) a strong earthquake (6.0 magnitudes) hit some zones in center of Italy (Lazio, Umbria and Marche). There is no other way to tell you how I am feeling…. Even if I am now far by my […]

April 28

Ready or Not

So just finished PULSE 2016 Orientation.  There is a lot to take in and process.  Since getting accepted, matched and confirmed, there has been an onslaught of emotions. The best way to describe is “Magenta”.  One of my favorite TV shows is The Golden Girls.  In an episode Blanche Devereaux says she has all these […]

March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

February 14

“Keep the CHANGE!!! Yes, Boss…-Back from Humanity to Corporeity(Reality)#

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog11 Hello friends, colleagues and Pulsars, Yes, you are thinking towards the right direction from my blog title. Lots and lots of changes have happened within my work area due to reorganisation and I have seen them from the day I have re-joined my unit before three weeks. I have to accept the formula “keep the CHANGE!!! yes boss” as whatever changes happened here were out […]

January 15

Pulse Journey ends…I believe in rebirth…

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog10 Dear friends, colleagues and fellow pulsars, Today is my last day at Project hope UK office at Stockley Park; on a positive note , you can say first day after my rebirth with lots of enthusiasm, emotions and more respect towards the world especially those little monsters (God’s beautiful creation called children). People have […]

January 15

South Africa success stories-EYDC phase 2: Community consultation

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog09 Dear colleagues/friends!!! Here I am, to discuss more on phase-2 of our community engagement for Early years development center. Monash university student volunteers have been great support and excellent team I had during this EYDC project, I am very fortunate to have them during designing the phase-2 where we planned to go for door […]

January 05


God Still Loves the World Today !!………….. Through You & Through Me !!

December 01

South Africa success stories-Tshepo children Festival

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk##blog08 Dear friends/colleagues and fello pulsars, It’s been a while I am posting my blog; that certainly means it was real busy time I had on ground. As the subject speaks itself , Friday we have concluded end of year children festival-called Tshepo festival.       From last couple of weeks we were feeling heat […]

October 23

Up gradation of Sterilization process

“Our Patients don’t get in the way of our work-they ARE our work.” Since, for us “Caring is the essence of all our activities”

September 12

South Africa Success Stories…1

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog05 Hey dear friends and fello pulsars,  It’s been almost two months in SA and I feel very great to write about initial successes in the community. Implementation plan for the (purpose-to be-built) children health information center:- I strongly believe, to create sustainable change and to make sure people take ownership of the work, we […]

August 08

From my Guesthouse- 5 mins left is beautiful SUNSHINE, 5 mins right is scary DARKNESS…

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog04 Dear all friends, colleagues and my fello pulsars, Here I am back with my new blog showing reflection on my 1st week in South Africa. Yes, the blog title tells you a lot, there are two southafrica lives within 10 mins distance where i live. 5 mins left from my guest house…you will see,  […]

July 26

Mandela, Mahatma and Myself…Only common thing is Super South Africa…

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog03 Dear lovely people, Here I am, reporting from South Africa as a GSK Pulse ambassador-2015. Indeed I am Doing more, Feeling better and will be living longer here to leave some sustainable footprints on community for a better healthcare for vulnerable children. Last whole week, It was very tough emotional roller coaster ride in […]

June 26

First week of transformation – safety scientist to child health fellow

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog02….. Hello my all lovely pulsars, By the time I am aware that without my blog the HOT weekend never gonna start for you.so here I am being generous to you:-) The first week of my Pulse journey, I described as BEAUTIFIED… What I had with me on my first day morning:-   What I am missing:- […]

June 09

Journey from PULSE to PULSATE

#pulse project