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August 09

Making a change

  I have now been in Tanzania for 1 month! In some ways I feel like I’ve lived here for a long time, but on the other hand, time is flying! The NGO that I am working for, Amref Health Africa, is an Africa led organization present in 9 African countries. I am working in […]

November 14

Small Victories

As the sun rises through an early morning mist a lone cock crows in the distance. He is quickly joined by others; roosters, cows, dogs and goats all sound off culminating in a reverberating chorus impossible to ignore. Reluctantly eyes emerge from tightly closed lids and begin adjusting to the diffused dawn light. Huddled in […]

assignment nr 1, build a shoe tower July 18

Seduced by failure?

“Innovation, Creativity and Change” – the title of the online course felt seducing. Change is constant and I have long felt it would be welcome to add a little creativity to combat organizational communications challenges. I decided to overlook the fact that my bucket is already kind of full: a fresh PULSE volunteering assignment to […]