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August 06

July: Sustainable Development Goals || Julio: Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Every month, in Casa de los Niños, a value of the month is put at the center and heart of everything being done. The objective is for the children and adolescent to be able to be in contact with specific topics that outside of these walls seem un-existing, but, that will build them into better […]

August 09

Making a change

  I have now been in Tanzania for 1 month! In some ways I feel like I’ve lived here for a long time, but on the other hand, time is flying! The NGO that I am working for, Amref Health Africa, is an Africa led organization present in 9 African countries. I am working in […]

November 14

Small Victories

As the sun rises through an early morning mist a lone cock crows in the distance. He is quickly joined by others; roosters, cows, dogs and goats all sound off culminating in a reverberating chorus impossible to ignore. Reluctantly eyes emerge from tightly closed lids and begin adjusting to the diffused dawn light. Huddled in […]

assignment nr 1, build a shoe tower July 18

Seduced by failure?

“Innovation, Creativity and Change” – the title of the online course felt seducing. Change is constant and I have long felt it would be welcome to add a little creativity to combat organizational communications challenges. I decided to overlook the fact that my bucket is already kind of full: a fresh PULSE volunteering assignment to […]