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August 27

Chasing Dreams… My Journey to Nigeria.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank GSK, PULSE, GCSD, colleagues, family, and friends who supported me during the past year. It’s because of your support, generosity, and kindness that I was able to make this life-changing opportunity a reality, and volunteer with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Nigeria. Early January 2019, when […]

July 22

Cancer under the Canopy

Imagine if you were ill but your condition was never diagnosed. How would you feel if a loved-one was dying of cancer, but you couldn’t afford their treatment? Many Liberians will never know if they have cancer and those who are diagnosed are faced with an almost impossible problem to fund their treatment in one […]

January 16

Working with EPI in Eswatini – Part 1 Community Dialogue

First,  I wish you a happy new year. 2019 started for me in Eswatini with some of my family who visited me, it was awesome  🙂 Months after the first blog, and before going back to GSK Belgium, I’m sharing some memorable experiences. All this time, I’ve enjoyed every moment working with EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunization), CHAI, WHO, […]

August 22

My 1st month with CHAI in Eswatini

I’m writing for the first time a blog to share my experience in Eswatini (previously Swaziland). A couple of years ago I could not locate it on a map, now I’m living and working in Eswatini 🙂 DISCLAIMER: What is written below reflects solely my opinions and does not engage any other person or any […]

November 04

What’s the spookiest city in Nigeria?

Laghost! (although some say its A-boo-ja) Took me a while to come up with that suitably scary joke for this month’s blog, which I’m writing a few days after attending my friends Halloween party. I went as a Zombie Rugby player as you can see in the lead pic. Apologies for the lack of costume […]

August 10

Wetin Dey!

..Nigerian slang for “How are you doing!” Over a month already! So I will start with work and what I have been doing at CHAI. Hopefully you guys remember the project I am working on – if you don’t, go and read my last blog! Up to speed? The first step to implementing this project […]

August 08

Visiting The Biggest City in Africa

How far? (Naija slang for “What’s up?”) It’s been a busy few weeks since I last blogged, but I’ve inadvertently created some time to write due to a technology meltdown. As a result, I’m currently sat at GSK in Lagos while the IT heroes do their thing to my laptop. This is actually the second […]

July 07

What did the German say when meeting Aladdin’s monkey?

“Abu, ja?” Apologies for that awful joke, but it is really hard to make a pun on ‘Abuja’. Luckily, my German GCSE never stops paying back, thank you Herr Ludwigsen. I’ve been in  Nigeria for 10 days now, and given that today is a public holiday to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, I thought it would be good to use my […]

July 07

Riding on in my world of excitement…

I must start by wishing my US family a belated Happy Independence Day (4th July) – I actually started drafting the blog last weekend but didn’t get to post it until today… apologies!! …. So my excitement continued with my 1st week (w/o 27 Jun) working at the Clinton Health Access Initiatives (CHAI) office in Abuja, […]

June 24

Welcome to Nigeria!

On Monday I arrived at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) office in Abuja. I was introduced to all the employees and was greeted with a very warm welcome and lots of smiles – so far so good! My first stop was at the office of the deputy country director for an intro. It was an inspiring start […]

June 16

Time to go

Hi! My name is Jeevini and I work for GlaxoSmithKline in London, UK. I have been accepted onto an amazing programme that GSK run called The PULSE Volunteer Partnership. It is a skills-based volunteering initiative where eligible employees are matched to a non-profit organisation, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges. My assignment will be in Abuja, Nigeria working for […]

November 10

We had to think outside of the box, and now we have a Warehouse in a Box™…

This formed part of the speech by the Hon Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, the Rwandan Minister of Health, at the opening of the new warehouse facility of the RBC’s Medical Procurement and Production Division (MPPD) at the beginning of last month. The innovative Warehouse-in-a Box™ (WiB) is a turnkey solution that delivers the infrastructure, equipment and […]

September 13

In search of nature!

I am about 6 weeks into my assignment here in Rwanda, and all seems to be going well with my projects (blog to follow after the next milestones). Last weekend, Jennifer returned from her home visit, and was due to go to Huye (a.k.a. Butare), where she will spend the rest of her assignment at […]

August 05

Fish Dinner

You might ask what the picture here is.  It is catfish.  One of my fellow Pulse Volunteers here in Nigeria, Nikki, mentioned in her one of her posts, a tub containing catfish. You might remember the picture (you should look it up if you don’t).   Well the picture attached is what happens to it after […]

July 28

Week 1 in Rwanda

There is a beeping sound in the CHAI office this morning, which means the power is off, and hence there is no wifi. So I am writing this blog offline… A lot has happened in this first week, so this blog is fairly long. I will try to keep following blogs short, and hopefully will […]