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September 14

The power of sharing

My second month in Tanzania seems to have flown by, mostly due to the fact I have been travelling for the last 2 weeks. The first trip was to Zanzibar, to meet up with 2 fellow PULSE volunteers, Adrianne and Adrianna both who are based in Nairobi, Kenya. Being the only PULSE volunteer in Dar, […]

August 22

The Courage to Become…

Be a good girl. Smile. Don’t cry when you skin your knee. Share your toys. Go to school. Get good grades. Make plenty of friends. Stand up straight, the ugliest thing in the world is a tall girl who slouches. Be young, thin, and the socially accepted version of pretty – oh, and do that FOREVER. […]

August 09

Making a change

  I have now been in Tanzania for 1 month! In some ways I feel like I’ve lived here for a long time, but on the other hand, time is flying! The NGO that I am working for, Amref Health Africa, is an Africa led organization present in 9 African countries. I am working in […]

December 19

What a Journey it has been…

Exactly six months today since I started my Pulse journey in the Kingdom of Swaziland. I have never imagined how much I would benefit in this most amazing experience of my life and the impact that I can make to the people. I believe Pulse shapes my heart, my mind, and my soul completely, gives […]

December 04

Do More and Feel Better…

For the last 3months, we have been busy in assisting the Ministry of Health in developing their budget under the Mid-term Expenditure Framework. One of my key tasks, was to develop a unit cost Database to enhance the budget tool with standardized inputs. I have worked with different departments like the Government Store, Procurement Unit, […]

August 14

Sanibona! (Hello!) This time it is for AFRICA!

It’s in my bucket list to travel in Africa thus when this opportunity came I was very excited. But more than the travel opportunity, it is the desire to be able to make a difference and to be able to give back and to change community. Swaziland is one of the smallest independent states located […]

June 13

Best in Class with a Heart….

For me, the true essence of being a GSK PULSE Volunteer is to be able to give and to share my time and energy not only to the NGO that I will be working with and to the community they are serving, but also to my GSK colleagues, family, and friends as I share with them this journey […]

June 02

This is it!

Watch VLOG EP. 01 – Introduction   I first heard about PULSE in 2012 and ever since then, I kept checking their website every year telling myself that one day I will apply for this once in a life time opportunity and finally the perfect moment has arrived! THIS IS IT! I feel so blessed […]

September 10

YOU Matter: An Invitation to Be the Change

Hello! Several of you have graciously written and expressed your interest and support in improving Philadelphia Public Schools. But many of us also aren’t sure what role we (as individuals) or our businesses can play in shaping the new future. The event on October 24th (invite below) will be an interesting one where some key […]

July 28

“…Who Sent You Here?”

Previous PULSE volunteers were right. The first 6 weeks of your 6 month PULSE assignment fly by!  So far, my experience with the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF) has been refreshing and challenging. As someone who loves to study and enhance the health of organizations, being submerged into a completely different environment like this has been […]