September 27

Entering the world of disability… Changing Attitudes

It was looking my first official day at Lusaka and  I was very excited to join the office but got info that there will be two days holidays. So, I have started my journey with Holidays. However, it was quite relaxing. Finally, the day came for my official joining and my Induction started. My Supervisor […]

September 21

What is Earned Income and Why is it so Important for Non Profit Organizations?

It’s been a busy few months since I started at The Food Trust back in June.  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several organizations partnered with The Food Trust as part of the Get HYPE Philly!    Their work engaging youth to drive healthy change in their communities has been very inspiring.  Here […]

September 21

Passing the baton … how do we reach our goal?

Greetings everyone, I used to love running leg one of the relay… If you’ve ever had to start something, take-over, hand over or finish anything with many eyes watching at what is, in that moment a huge deal… you know it can be daunting but you’re in it to reach that goal and getting off […]

September 21

Half as much again

This week I hit my PULSE halfway mark – 18th September. I started at Save the Children on 18th June and I will finish on 18th December (although I don’t think I’ll bring all of me back from Save the Children).   The reality hit me right between the eyes as it coincided with a ‘ping’ […]

September 21


“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho A.O.T.S. = ALIGNMENT OF THE STARS I will not bring you to outer space just because the title contains STARS and the well-known line from The Alchemist has UNIVERSE on it. The $93k is […]

September 20

Family Ties

A lot has happened since my last post… July ended, August whizzed by and now September is in its waning crescent. Wow! My greatest comfort being 4,765 km away from home has been finding acceptance and forging strong ties within my host family with which I now have, the instruments to execute smooth gear changes […]

September 19

Read all about it!

Did you read the terrible news about those children recently? I’m talking about the 40 school children who were killed on their way back from a school picnic. I’m sure they’d had a fun day out, and were excited and eager to tell their family all about it – chattering happily over the homemade videos on their mobiles.  But […]

September 18

Changing Communities

The Chief (Madaki) of the Pyakasa community in Abuja, Nigeria was very happy to see us on this rainy day. We were there to ‘sensitize’ the community to the Community Based Social Health Insurance Program (CBSHIP) Only about a week ago a women died here of a very manageable health condition -Hypertension. The woman was […]

September 17

Memories from my first month

Hi everyone!   I have completed my first month at Fundación La Casa de los Niños in Costa Rica and I can´t verbalize the incredible experience it has been. These are the most important things I have been working on since my last post: Visiting the Families at their houses Walking around the community has […]

September 17


We, at the Financial Reporting Team in GSK Business Service Centre in Kuala Lumpur, are always reminded and guided by our Regional Operations Performance Lead – Nittan, with this statement: “The balance sheet of today, is the P&L (Profit & Loss) of tomorrow. “ Balance sheet reconciliation is one of our Key Performance Indicators every […]

September 16

The GSK funded Pneumonia Program in Nigeria – living our mission

Pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea have been identified as the three most common killer illnesses in children under 5 contributing to three-quarters of mortality in this age category. Effective treatment of these three is one of the most powerful interventions to reduce mortality in children under 5.1 Despite several and aggressive interventions by WHO, UNICEF and […]

September 14

The power of sharing

My second month in Tanzania seems to have flown by, mostly due to the fact I have been travelling for the last 2 weeks. The first trip was to Zanzibar, to meet up with 2 fellow PULSE volunteers, Adrianne and Adrianna both who are based in Nairobi, Kenya. Being the only PULSE volunteer in Dar, […]

September 12

Zooming in

Consider this picture (1) below. What is the main thing that you see first?   I imagine that some of you found yourself first noticing the trash and dirt on the riverbank, and maybe found yourself despairing about how little people must seem to care about the river and nature. What a terrible thing to […]

September 11

Changing seasons – shaping my priorities!

  As the temperature is dropping by a degree or two in London after a sweltering summer, I am starting to reflect on my priorities at work and life, wondering if these are also shifting. I am 2 months into my 6 month PULSE assignment. My initial assignment was to determine a European strategy that […]

September 10

Patience and Persistence

  A few weeks ago, I joined the rest of the team for the Mesoamerica Malaria Meeting in Antigua, Guatemala. It was a great chance to learn about the ongoing work in other countries, their pressing challenges, and the success stories from recent years. It was also exciting to hear the Global Malaria leadership team […]