December 18

ARP Graduation at Lenkisem….

I wonder if after a while you become immune to your surroundings and stop noticing things around you. That’s how I was starting to feel and thinking I had nothing interesting to write about. Then, last week, I went on my first field trip to Kajiado county to an Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP) graduation […]

December 17

Is This a Test?

The end of the year is a good time for reflection and New Year’s resolutions, a time of giving and receiving.  During my stay here in East Africa, I have often thought of the challenges I was facing, mainly having to do with the lack of modern convenience or unfamiliar concerns (e.g. bats, snakes and […]

December 15

Una parola gentile può cambiare la giornata di qualcuno…A kind word can change someone’s day

A kind word can change someone’s day and lets you feeling light as a ballon. These words were reported on the window of the castle in Ireland (Barretstown Camp) and came back to my mind just before the meeting planned with my Dynamo colleagues. That was just one of the main objectives of the meeting […]

December 15

Where the Heart Is – Home is…

…where the people you care about are; where you desire to be; feel the warmth and safety of the walls surrounding you; comfort and fellow feeling between you and your friends and family. This is, in a way, your condensed world. Abuja was this kind of home for me in the last months… Like always everything […]

December 13

Interview with Emily

I thought it was about time to share with you all, more details about Partners In Heath, the organisation I am volunteering with, here in Malawi and what better way than to talk to the Chief Medical Officer, Emily Wroe at Partners in Health (PIH), Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo (APZU) A quote from Paul Farmer co-founder of […]

December 13

Stolen Generations

Between 1910 – 1970, over 100,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were forcibly removed from their families by the Australian government. These children are known as the Stolen Generations.  The children were taken from their mothers and placed into institutions for care.  Most families were affected in more than one generation with the removal […]

December 13

A Decade on…

I first came to Nepal 10 years ago. The political situation was unstable and the King was under house arrest.  Few Westerners graced the streets outside Thamel and the new found democracy was playing out in regular strikes and road blockages – travelling could be a nightmare.    When I realised it was exactly 10 years […]

December 13

Bye Bye

It’s sixth months since I arrived in Vietnam,  nervous about what to expect, and as I am near of my PULSE assignment, I can say it’s been one of the best experiences I have ever had.  From stepping over chickens on my commute and never knowing what food I will be asked to try, to […]

December 12

Buongiorno Principessa….Good morning Princess!

  Good morning Princess! All the energy you have in three words! Last week I met again my colleagues from GSK during the QC off site meeting in Tuscany. That was a great occasion to see them after a long time and I appreciated to have some time with them off site. The main objective of the meeting was Team […]

December 11

‘I love that company’

During my assignment in Ghana I have spoken to a few pharmacists. When I tell them I work for GSK, they become positively excited even to the point of saying (Quote) ‘I love that company’. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, it’s because GSK has a reputation for making and supplying medicines of high quality whose therapeutic effects are fully predictable. In […]

December 10

The countryside around Antananarivo(part II, National Park & primary forest)

During a WE, while visiting the Andasibe park, we were very happy to see for the first time in my life different species of wild lemurs in the forest, but this is still much more funny and surprising to hear the voice of the Indri Indri lemurs which are leaving in groups of 8-12 individuals and their […]

December 08

Humble Yourself or Life Will Do It for You

From since July 2017, I have had the privileged to work with Amref Health Africa UK for a six-month secondment based in Angel, London. A commutable PULSE assignment but one that took some adjustment from having the benefit being able to walk to GSK House daily. An earlier start and finish to my day, I […]

December 07

Enjoying the last weeks of volunteering in Zambia

WOW… It is December, already? I can’t believe it… Time flies…But paradoxically, I have also witnessed time going through every single second as well as long moments of patience! Both professionally and personally, I am making the best of every single minute in this marvelous country of Zambia and enjoying it as much as I […]

November 30

Thinking about socially vulnerable poor

*Japanese follows-日本語が下部にあります*** My missions in Jordan are to create posters and VR videos (virtual reality), interviews with Syrian refugees and an ADP* workshop in our Jordan office. *ADP (Accelerated Delivery Performance ) is a new process of leading and managing change in GSK. ADP incorporates ways of working, behaviours and tools that you can apply […]

November 30

Pump Hard and Fast

Typically 10% of people who suffer from cardiac arrests outside a hospital will survive.  The survival rate is improved to 35% if a bystander witnesses the event, calls for an ambulance and performs CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation).  Last year, the median arrival time for ambulances in Victoria was 7.8 minutes.  Every minute where CPR is performed increases the patient survival rate.  In Victoria, approximately 8,000 […]