August 05

Time has come for my volunteering at Costa Rica!

Tomorrow I will start my volunteering project in “Fundación La Casa de los Niños” (Children´s House) in one of San Jose´s marginal sectors. I am really looking forward into this project. Is this is even real? A company promoting its employees leave the business for 3 or 6 months to help an NGO instead? I know, it seems unreal…but dreams […]

August 05

“Working alone you are badly accompanied.”

As this is my first time writing here, I thought I would start by introducing myself and giving you a few key details to help you understand a bit more of the “how” and “why” I find myself here, just starting my PULSE Volunteering journey in Cambodia. Don’t worry, I will try to be as […]

August 03

Sand from the Sahara!

It’s the expression that will forever be associated in my mind to my first field trip in Nigeria. Not because I’ve actually been in the dessert, but because in Kano, when the wind blows, grains of sand get lifted in the air. One can argue that it may not be sand from the Sahara (the […]

August 01

Parents Protection Possibilities

Parents are deemed the most important and influential guardians in your lifetime. They prepare you for new circumstances or adventures and encourage you to learn from gaining experience. They equip you with the necessary skills, guide you and gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become. I am lucky to have two […]

August 01

Refreshing memories of recent past

Friends, This is my second blog and here, I wish to share few of my personal experiences before moving to Zambia (My assignment country). The most amazing experience, which I can never forget, was the orientation program at London. It was looking like a dream coming true. This program was not just a program but […]

July 31

Let’s Play A Game…

i  Glorious December… ought to ponder, doubt no more, thou shall contemplate ii Seek intervention, behold and put to test, lost nothing in it. iii Keep my fingers crossed east will meet the west in nigh, a proud splendor day! iv Prepare to meet all in abode of queen afar, memorable one. v Utter your […]

July 31

LAB#1: Lesotho – Am Here!

See you later, KL (and the PH too)! The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Maseru was just 4 hours less to one entire day. By the time I landed at Johannesburg, all I could think of was to get a shower and have a good sleep after that last transit (had to fly from Kuala Lumpur -> […]

July 31

PAB#1: How It All Started…

Flashback: It all begun with a drink (because as they say, no great stories started with someone eating a salad!) back in 2015 when we started to entertain the thought of exploring other roles within the organization. Well, at some point when you’re doing the same kind of stuff repeatedly you will realize that the […]

July 30


Con un lenguaje mucho más coloquial que en inglés… voy a empezar con la versión española-mexicana! And the English version in blue! Maybe it’s not a literal translation… but I´ll do my best! (See below) Con la idea en mente de cómo empezar el blog y qué cosas y sensaciones compartir con vosotros, ya ha […]

July 30

DATA: Building Blocks for Building Evidence & Tracking

During the India’s National Disability Consultation in Delhi, I participated in one of the breakout sessions focusing on building an evidence & tracking process for the implementation of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (RPWD). In today’s blog, I will be reflecting on the deliberations around data within the same context. While appreciating the […]

July 27

Shut up and listen

This is the third instalment of my reflections on the PULSE mission to Change Yourself; Change Communities; Change GSK   (click on the links to read my reflections on the first two if you haven’t already) I’m now six weeks into my assignment, have settled in well and now feel like I’m contributing valuable inputs to my […]

July 26

An unexpected beginning….

Monday July 23 marks the 3-week anniversary of my arrival in Haiti to work as associate to the lab director of HUM (Hospital Universitaire Mirebalais) as part of the 10-year anniversary cohort of PULSE – GSK’s skill-based volunteering program. A starting period that was in multiple ways dominated by protests, roadblocks and unrests starting in […]

July 26

Meeting Collegues in GSK Nairobi

Isn’t it a lovely and amazing day having met our collegues here in Nairobi . It all happened, thanks to Elizabeth Msafiri ( Security lead Kenya & East Afrika) and Bernard Matheka. Before we head to the office, Elizabeth & Bernard inspected our apartments to ensure that we are living in a safe & secured environment so we […]

July 25

An outing to…the 1st floor dining area!

We recently had an away day for the Humanitarian department at Save the Children UK. Kathryn, who’s working a few tube stops away from me, went out and about around London for 3 days for her away day (here). I went up two flights of stairs for an afternoon for mine! But the afternoon was […]

July 25


This picture of the jet bridge at the beginning of my voyage shows the basis for some of my learning while ANTICIPATING my GSK PULSE volunteer assignment in Eswatini.  Just like me, all of us on this jet bridge had done some preparing before entering the jet bridge.  As we were moving through the jet […]