November 13

Kkookolo Atta

Cancer Kills Blog #2 A few weeks’ after my first installment ‘Cabin Crew: Prepare for landing’, here I am again, attempting to share insights of my first deep-dive into the world of healthcare and cancer in Least Developed Countries. My first month plan was all about ‘going and seeing’; understanding how Sub Saharan Africa works, […]

November 10

You may not recognize me…

I think the greatest revelatoin  I have had on my PULSE assignment is that for the very first time in my life I have Work Life Balance.  It’s been a shocking revelation as I didn’t realize the lack of balance had gotten so extreme.  I have always struggled with saying no to things and worked […]

November 10

Visiting GSK Consumer in Johannesburg & back to Market activations in the Lusaka peri-urban compounds

Mid-October, we had the chance to fly to GSK offices in South Africa. In Johannesburg, both GSK Pharma and Consumer sit in the same building. This is a very nice and green business campus shared amongst several companies.  We had the opportunity to meet our main point of contact, Kovilin, regarding the follow-up of Live […]

November 09

Ciao, Grazie, Ci Vediamo

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to visit Dynamo Camp in Italy.  Yes, Italy! What is Dynamo Camp and why was I invited? SeriousFun Children’s Network is a global charity network of the camps for children affected by a serious illness. While at camp, campers will take part in various activities which have been missed or had to give up due […]

November 08

Welcome Back

In the words of Anthony Bourdain “Vietnam it grabs your heart and once you love it you’ll love it forever and you must keep coming back”. Well I loved it and I went back.  Four weeks ago, I returned to Vietnam for a personal visit to reconnect with colleagues and friends.   After, being away just […]

November 08

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 9: birth of a saleswoman

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard… Aptly enough, a line from The Scientist, by Coldplay, which was playing this morning as I started writing this blog. This scientist never expected she would be managing the day-to-day running of a sales business in Zambia, and it’s tough going. […]

November 05

Further lessons in Africa

I have been extremely lucky to recently visit a Pulse colleague in a neighbouring African country who is working with the same NGO as I am We were both very excited as we were initially due to be deployed together but for various reasons this did not work out and so a very kind invitation […]

November 03

go raibh maith agat

Prima di partire, un po’ di peripezie e incertezze dovute ai potenziali scioperi di Ryanair e all’uragano Ophelia che si stava abbattendo sull’Irlanda!! Dopo un accurato processo di applicazione per poter diventare “Cara” amica in Irlandese press il Camp di Barretstown, finalmente sono arrivata al giorno prima di partire….mmmhhh….e ora??! Mi trovavo nell’ufficio Dynamo di […]

November 02

Problem Solve Galore!!

A lot has happened since my last blog post and EDCI is moving full steam ahead on their project! They have been divided up into four teams: Data, Framework, Strategy, and Implementation all tasked with the common goal of reworking the organizations strategies and goals of EDCI to focus on Family Success. EDCI has worked […]

November 02

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 8: Namibian safari

Because you can’t get too much of a good thing, I decided to take another safari trip – this time to Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia. The terrain is very different; Namibia is very dry and there are huge salt pans in the area, meaning sparse foliage and very little water, which […]

November 02

When in Rome (well India)…

It has been festival time in Nepal and during one of the long weekends, I decided to make the trek (in a plane) over to Delhi to visit my Knowledge Centre (KC) colleagues. After spending a couple of months in Nepal, it was amazing to see how my perceptions of normality had been altered. As […]

October 31

Confessions of a Lao-holic

Hello hello! Before I begin to tell you why I’ve been MIA (Missing-In-Action), I want to share something with you that I should’ve done long ago.. Do you notice the dragons outside the temples in the above pictures? For the longest time, I wondered why each temple in Lao has dragons at the temple entrance, […]

October 30

Coming to Kenya…..

I wrote this blog couple of weeks ago but with the re-elections in Kenya last week, I didn’t get around to sharing it with you all!  My first impressions of Kenya…. Despite arriving at 0500 hrs on Friday 29 Oct with little sleep, I was really looking forward to my ‘adventure’ with excitement and certain amount […]

October 29

My work at UNICEF Madagascar while plague epidemic was at its highest level earlier this month.

Nearly two months now, since I arrived at Antananarivo, It’s time for me to explain a little bit more what I am doing at UNICEF Madagascar. As explained earlier, UNICEF Madagascar is divided into 6 sections (see blog n°1), I am part of the Planning section, which includes Fundraising and Business evaluation.  I have three […]

October 29

Video Blog: Rural Uganda, a near death experience and GSK Uganda Orange Day

In this video blog I share my experience of traveling to rural Uganda to see the great work Amref is doing. I also share details of my visit to South Africa and complete an Orange with the GSK Uganda team to refurbish a hospital in Kampala.