January 23

Final blog ~Japan PULSE program~

Japanese Follows**日本語は下部 I finished my PULSE assignment successfully and it was a really good experience. I started to work at GSK Japan office again from this week. I feel it is strange for me to work GSK…haha   Anyway, I just wanted to try to sum up the work I’ve been doing with NPO JEN. […]

January 17

A different kind of Christmas…..

      So when I’ve thought about spending Christmas away from home it usually involves a beach, hot sun and a barbecue….but this year, my first abroad, was a somewhat different kind of Christmas. Being a predominantly Hindu country, Christmas is not widely celebrated, except by the expat and the minority Nepali Christian community. […]

January 14

One week on the field in Madagascar for the “Mother-Child Health Week”

It has been four months now since I landed to Antananarivo, and am working all the time at Unicef offices in Tana.  Being invited to join the “Mother-Child Health Week” with Unicef colleagues was really a privilege for me, and a wonderful occasion to see how  Malagasy people are living in another part of the […]

January 13

Final weeks in Neno

So coming back after my Christmas break I am now racing towards the end of my assignment in 3 weeks and I cannot believe my 6 months here is coming to a close. There is still so much to do and so little time……! I was lucky enough to be home for Christmas and it […]

January 09

One Point Five Billion Inches

The circumference of the Earth is 1.5 billion inches. So, let’s get started ridding around our Big Rock – the spaceship Earth. Starting point was Abuja which is easily 252.283.465 inches away from my beloved family in Germany. By the end of my assignment I traveled through all this distance and eventually reunited with them. […]

January 09

Life surprise: meeting an ex-GSK Pulse volunteer on my last volunteering day!

How can life surprise us? I am ending my volunteering experience by spending these last days in GSK Johannesburg before flying back home…. and in the open space, next to me, is sitting an ex-GSK Pulse volunteer! The chemistry was immediately there when we introduced each other! As usual, Africans are so friendly in this […]

January 09

A trip less ordinary…

As part of my assignment I had the privilege to visit the CARE-GSK project in Bangladesh. Now to be honest, Bangladesh has never been somewhere high on my list of places to travel.  I guess all I really knew about it was that it was the most densely populated country in the world (apart from […]

January 04

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 10: work summary

In finishing my assignment, I wanted to try to sum up the work I’ve been doing with Live Well. I had two very different roles: one as an operations manager, and another developing the strategy and transforming the business model. My assignment was complicated by GSK co-funding the business, and at times I was caught between […]

January 02

C’est en revenant à un endroit où rien n’a bougé qu’on réalise le mieux à quel point on a changé.” “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Nelson Mandela

I came back in France. It is a pleasure to be with my family during this Christmas period, but It’s a shock to come back during this period, the contrast is too difficult to support: Gift, light’s, food’s and decoration’s protuberance. I am not comfortable, I realize how much I have changed. I was thinking […]

December 27

You can leave the Camp but the Camp never really leaves you…Tu puoi lasciare il Camp ma il Camp non ti lascerà mai

That was the time….the time to say goodbye…and I was so sad but at the same time so glad and proud about this adventure. Dynamo team gave to me a really wonderful present, the book of 10 years of happiness of Dynamo Camp. Everyone reported onto it the own message for me and what I wanted to […]

December 22

Sri Lanka Visit – The Wester Seaton Cheshire Home

23rd October to 29th October 2017 The moment I landed in Sri Lanka (Negombo) I knew it was going be a great experience. It was going to be a very special trip for me.  This is a country of contrasts and surprises and one I very quickly fell in love with.  From the lush green tea fields of […]

December 22

Small victories and harsh realities

Hmmm… so my plan to do a blog every month wasn’t particularly successful. I know we all say this about time passing, but I cannot believe how quickly 3 months have gone since my last blog in September….. and it is about to be Christmas.  I’ve been ‘planning’ to do this blog for about a […]

December 21

Bringing water to communities…..

Hello readers. I thought I’d try and finish the 2nd part of my Kajiado ARP graduation blog before starting my Christmas vacation. This piece is about the Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) project. Where people don’t have access to clean water, life can be very harsh indeed. Although I’d experienced fairly basic conditions living in […]

December 21

Last moments in Africa & getting ready for 2018 ?

This week, I was part of the last sales challenge with the team! We suffered from the heavy heat to go door-to-door to each shop in the compounds, trying to push key products! This time, we carried with us a lot of promotional materials on GSK Aquafresh toothpaste to support shops selling this product to […]

December 19

Homeward Bound

    As the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.    I certainly intended to write more blogs to share with all of you who were interested.  But instead I did manage to email many of you and did a bit of Facebook.  However, now I am feeling guilty so […]