September 10

Biggest achievement and biggest disaster!

So this week has seen my biggest personal achievement since landing in Malawi and my biggest disaster! Last Saturday while doing my weekly washing I accidentally dropped my phone in the washing bowl -aaaahhh! In all the time I have had a mobile phone – never so much as a scratch and 5 weeks in […]

September 09

Recall and qualification in a new world

Iniziamo dall’ingresso…degli uffici Dynamo di Milano! :0) Foto del post. Let’s start with the entrance….of the Dynamo offices in Milan! :0) Picture of the post. Sopra la mia nuova postazione, scrivania con colore arancione GSK! Above in the picture there is my new position at the desk, orange like GSK 😉 Il nostro obiettivo più prossimo qui […]

September 08

Bicycle trip to Vashon Island

This blog is about a great leisure bicycle trip I’ve done one of the previous Sundays – enjoy the reading. That Sunday I woke up early in the morning, gazed out of the window and there was a brilliant dark blue sky, confirming what the weather app has indicated the evening before. The previous days […]

September 07

Ako Lang

I’ve always been comfortable with being alone.  For example, I like to sleep.  Me, my bed and my dreams = Good times!  Being alone can mean physically or mentally and I’m comfortable with both. I’m comfortable with Danielle. Who I am and my life.  I love my life. I’m very blessed. My motto has been […]

September 07

Go Tiges!

I have been a Richmond (Tigers) fan ever since I was a little kid. I was brain-washed by my older cousins after the 1974 premiership.  My father was not happy with that since he was a North Melbourne supporter, but there really was no choice.  How do you not barrack for the team who had […]

September 07

Kind people around me

  Last weekend was a nightmare. Due to serious fever, chills, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, I could barely sleep and had to visit a hospital. Unlike my suspicion, lab result showed that it is not a malaria, but probably a gastroenteritis. Being relieved that it was not a malaria, I returned to the hotel with […]

September 07

Trying to make an impact

September 06

Where is home

In only the first two months of my Pulse assignment I have felt more sets of emotions than I felt in the last two years. Working for CHAI has been refreshing, fulfilling and an enriching experience. I came here with unknown expectations and to say that it has exceeded my expectations will be an understatement. […]

September 06

Back to School

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile since my last blog post, but that is only because it has been so busy here at EDCI! The EDCI STEAM Summer Camp program has wrapped up and all the children are back in school! Every summer EDCI always hosts their End of Summer Celebration and this […]

September 06

Giving training on healthcare products to our agents !

Dear readers and followers, Recently, I had a break in Bostwana where I discovered one of the nicest natural reserve with a stunning wildlife. Indeed, it is one of Africa’s last remaining great wildlife habitat which provides refuge to huge concentrations of game. This is a very large inland delta formed where the Okavango River […]

September 06

All Things Lao!

Sabaidee Readers! Sorry I have been MIA, but that also means I have a lot to share. This blog is going to be a mixed bag of all things Lao – work-related updates (promise will keep this bit short), weekend fun and a few more cultural observations. The Lao culture (similar to the Indian culture) […]

September 05

HIV. Cakes. Bats.

  CLEARLY I struggle to post regularly… so I hope you are sitting comfy (popcorn anyone?) because this is going to be a long post to make up for my absence. No worries, I will try mixing facts with fun! HIV    I have kept you in the dark and I know some of you are still wondering what […]

September 04

Time –

It’s been an interesting 4 weeks since I arrived in country and the last 10 days have been most challenging when it comes to ‘time’. We measure our life experiences by it – from the hour we set our alarms, to the gatherings between family and friends for fellowship and meals shared, milestones like birthdays, […]

September 04

Hook Turns

Nearly all interstate and international visitors driving in Melbourne central business district (CBD) are completely bewildered by and utterly fearful of performing a hook turn, which is a right hand turn taken from the left hand lane.  Just to clarify, Australians drive on the left hand side of the road, so a right hand turn […]

September 04

Nowhere in Particular

I am Nowhere in Particular… absorbed by Lagos Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan city and probably also the most over populated. It does not get much bigger than Lagos, the largest city in Africa’s most populous country. Despite all hustle, stress of traffic, and tension of 9am to 5pm job – Lagosians are still a very cheerful […]