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October 29

Where Do We Begin?

I’ve been busy at my PULSE assignment, focusing on STEM education initiatives in Philadelphia, and it’s going great! I’ve learned a lot, taking part in as many workshops, meetings, and volunteering projects as I can; helping educators through professional development workshops; leading our initiative to recruit, train, and schedule STEM Speakers to present to students […]

September 05

My first month at Cruz Roja Americana. What I can learn and what GSK can learn

After a month here, I have already an idea of the people I would like to learn from. I started  to reflect on what GSK could learn too. My Red Cross supervisor, who is an amazing manager, is the first person I could learn from here: he cares for his team of volunteers a lot, […]

August 22

The Courage to Become…

Be a good girl. Smile. Don’t cry when you skin your knee. Share your toys. Go to school. Get good grades. Make plenty of friends. Stand up straight, the ugliest thing in the world is a tall girl who slouches. Be young, thin, and the socially accepted version of pretty – oh, and do that FOREVER. […]

August 17

STEM in Philly!

When I was first accepted into the PULSE program, and was matched with the Philadelphia Education Fund, people asked me what I would be doing. I happily gave a nice answer, memorized from my assignment document, but I really didn’t have any idea what it would be like, and what I’d actually be doing. I’ve […]

July 26

Meeting Collegues in GSK Nairobi

Isn’t it a lovely and amazing day having met our collegues here in Nairobi . It all happened, thanks to Elizabeth Msafiri ( Security lead Kenya & East Afrika) and Bernard Matheka. Before we head to the office, Elizabeth & Bernard inspected our apartments to ensure that we are living in a safe & secured environment so we […]

July 10

WE GOT YOU! ( Our NGO: Leonard Cheshire Disability )

I had to blog this, we dont get these coincidences very often, especially not a conincidence of the same mission! Mission to #BeChanged #BeTheChange #MakeTheChange Finally the two ( YES, 2 ) Adrienn _ have re-united in Nairobi, and not only our first names are 99% similar but we are both matched to the same NGO, in Nairobi, only in different branches. How ironic […]

June 05

The start of a brand new adventure

As I sat in my hotel room near GSK House, preparing for the PULSE training that would begin the next morning, so many different emotions ran through my head. I was jet lagged, excited, nervous, hopeful, and anxious to meet the group. What would they be like? What would the training be like? Would I […]

November 27

Feeling Thankful for my trusted Market Research Vendors

This blog is dedicated to all of my dear Market Research Vendor Friends, and their extended team members whom I may have never met, for their skill and dedication to the craft of research and evaluation. The GSK PULSE Program has provided the opportunity to sharpen skills, and gain valuable outside-in perspective thru using them […]

November 17

5 Months in a Blink

It is hard to believe that my PULSE adventure is almost done. It seems like it was only yesterday when I arrived at the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF) ready to get started.  It has been a very interesting 5 months and a time that I will remember for years to come. PEF is a nonprofit […]

November 15

My Friend Ed

My PULSE assignment is going well. So much so, I’m reluctant to take the time to blog about it. I’m well past the half-way point so it’s time to tell you what going on. I’m working for the Philadelphia Education Fund and most folks refer to it as the Ed Fund. It’s a well established […]

November 10

You may not recognize me…

I think the greatest revelatoin  I have had on my PULSE assignment is that for the very first time in my life I have Work Life Balance.  It’s been a shocking revelation as I didn’t realize the lack of balance had gotten so extreme.  I have always struggled with saying no to things and worked […]

November 02

Problem Solve Galore!!

A lot has happened since my last blog post and EDCI is moving full steam ahead on their project! They have been divided up into four teams: Data, Framework, Strategy, and Implementation all tasked with the common goal of reworking the organizations strategies and goals of EDCI to focus on Family Success. EDCI has worked […]

October 27

Back to School is all the HYPE

Although I have been out of school for many years, I still get a little pang of sadness when summer ends and school begins. This year was different though – I was still sad the summer was over, I was looking forward to September and the start of school because it meant the start of […]

October 27

Field Trip to the EMBA Conference in Glasgow

Finally, the rainy season has started in Seattle after more than 2 months with mainly good weather and lots of sun. So I jump at the opportunity to sit down in the comfortable warmth of my fireplace and write about my attendance to the EMBA conference in Glasgow. In my third month volunteering at PATH […]

September 28

Roll out the red carpet!

Adding a photo of my red carpet debut … Greetings from the Franklin Institute – As most of you know, I’m embedded with the Franklin Institute External Affairs Team for my 2017 PULSE assignment, and plan to be back in the Navy Yard mid-January 2018. It is an energizing assignment, and I am […]