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June 16

…The imagination brings you everywhere…

The story of my adventure started last December when I read the mail from Communication about PULSE program. I didn’t know anything about it but what I thought was: “that’s my chance….that’s my time”!! I started to gather some information asking loccaly to Communication, globally to PULSE team and searching for someone else in my […]

June 16

1st Week has flown by!

I learnt such a lot, how Save the Children was founded by Eglantyne Jebb arrested for distributing leaflets in Trafalgar Square. They bore shocking images of children affected by famine in Europe, and the headline: ‘Our Blockade has caused this – millions of children are starving to death’. When Jebb was tried for her protest […]

December 20

Reaching Every Last Child with Immunisation

Its one of the key drivers in child health programmes within Save the Children, and I have just had the great privilege of seeing what that means ‘on the ground’ in Shomolu District, Lagos Nigeria. Save the Children is involved in the Stop Diarrhoea Initiative (SDI) in Nigeria. The under-five mortality rate in Nigeria is […]

November 30


Now here it is a decisive moment: the improvement actions in QA pillar warehouse project have been taken place successfully. That’s a great satisfaction for all Direct Relief staff and me! During this period, QA and Operation functions showed a strong and amazing collaboration on new system application and they were very supportive each other! […]

November 28

First Day in Munsieville

After spending the last 5 months of my Pulse assignment working with the team in the UK to  develop our You Grow-They Grow schools activity (, I’m spending this week in Munsieville, South Africa and am getting the chance to see the work of Project HOPE UK in the community, firsthand. First, a bit about […]

November 28

I don’t want to get angry anybody living here, I wish they liked us

I saw a book which has dark cover page with big white letters and I interested in its headline. The headline is that: “On the Brink of a Lost Generation”. The book was a research about refugees of Syrian children and youth in Turkey by Açık Toplum (Open Society) Foundation. They made field visits lasting […]

November 26

Those that can…

  At GSK one of the key behaviours highlighted for good performance is flexible thinking. Africa excels at this behaviour in so many ways that once you have experienced it you will never say “I can’t do that” again. The can-do attitude is inspirational and astonishing, and it makes you realise that the small opportunities […]

October 31

When access to education become luxury

I visited Temporary Education Centers (TECs) to help Save the Children distribute various educational materials for students and teachers. Temporary Education Centers, are schools that were established by Syrians when they began to realise the crisis was becoming protracted. In November 2014, the Turkish Government formalized the TECs and brought them under the Ministry of […]

October 25

Temporary Education Centers for Syrians under Temporary Protection

Save the Children gives a joint effort with the Turkish authorities to convey people their basic human rights who forcefully trying to remain in the country. Because of their special condition, since they are asylum-seekers, youngsters who are at school age need a privileged education, as they couldn’t enroll into Turkish Education System due to language barriers.

October 07

It’s time for Africa!

Selam!! (Peace in Amharic) Without wanting to sound overly dramatic this is a fairly overwhelming blog to write so to do it justice but so you don’t fall asleep, I’ll write it in instalments. It has been a busy schedule for the last couple of weeks… My first trip to Africa, and it did not […]

October 05

I left Istanbul behind for the children of the war

I left behind my city, Istanbul and my job 15 days ago. I have been working at GSK Turkey as Senior Corporate Communications Specialist for the past 5 years. While I enjoy my job I felt I needed to do something for the children affected by the Syrian crisis who I read about every day […]

August 26

Summer and street art in the City

Summer has finally hit in London….public transport is a no go and the parks are packed but the city is alive and kicking so I have taken to walking to work….and I’m so glad I did. I have personal interest in street art and there is a colourful trail on my route which wakes me […]

August 24

A message of Solidarity: you can make the difference!

Goleta August 24, 2016 Dear reader, I’m writing just now after having received sad news: tonight (at 3.36 am) a strong earthquake (6.0 magnitudes) hit some zones in center of Italy (Lazio, Umbria and Marche). There is no other way to tell you how I am feeling…. Even if I am now far by my […]

July 30

From acronyms to nomads

WHO RED EPI? No,  its not a misspelling,  questioning who has read the latest best seller; these are just some of the myriad of acronyms which have surfaced daily during the last month as I have started on the exciting journey which is my PULSE assignment with Save the Children. Acronyms are used freely within […]

July 22

Cosmos and cake

This week we held two plant sales, one at GSK Stockley Park and one at GSK Ware, to raise money and awareness about You Grow They Grow, Project Hope UK’s initiative to eradicate childhood malnutrition in Munsieville by 2020. I think some of the things I hadn’t fully appreciated until I started working with Project […]