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November 17


Wherever you are in the world there are some occasions that you never forget and for me one of those is Remembrance Sunday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it is the day that we remember all those who have fought in the armed services and have either died or been injured.  […]

November 16


The moment of 10am on November 15th in 2017 will be permanently etched into my mind for the rest of my life.  That was the time that the results of the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite was announced.  I was so scared that it would turn out to be another earth stopping Brexit or Trump-type […]

November 08

Welcome Back

In the words of Anthony Bourdain “Vietnam it grabs your heart and once you love it you’ll love it forever and you must keep coming back”. Well I loved it and I went back.  Four weeks ago, I returned to Vietnam for a personal visit to reconnect with colleagues and friends.   After, being away just […]

November 02

When in Rome (well India)…

It has been festival time in Nepal and during one of the long weekends, I decided to make the trek (in a plane) over to Delhi to visit my Knowledge Centre (KC) colleagues. After spending a couple of months in Nepal, it was amazing to see how my perceptions of normality had been altered. As […]

October 31

Confessions of a Lao-holic

Hello hello! Before I begin to tell you why I’ve been MIA (Missing-In-Action), I want to share something with you that I should’ve done long ago.. Do you notice the dragons outside the temples in the above pictures? For the longest time, I wondered why each temple in Lao has dragons at the temple entrance, […]

October 28

Safety Birthing Kit

This is safety birthing kit that is used at uncivilized area in Nepal. Because there is no hospital of birth near hear and they have no acquaintance,  sometimes they cut the umbilical code with stone or glass , and in the worst case Baby and/or Mother were died cause of infection. Save the Children prepare “Safety […]

October 28

Insects Recipe

There is a book for Insects Recipe with minority in Viet Nam. They eat Insects for ingestion protein.  Usually, they cannot eat egg, meat and so on. Save the Children make the recipe book for derisious(?) menu with Insects. ベトナムの少数民族はタンパク質を摂取するために、卵や肉などのかわりに、昆虫をたべています。セーブ・ザ・チルドレンは、昆虫をおいしく食べるレシピ本を作っています。 ちなみに・・・GSKに戻るとき1冊くださるといってくださいました・・・・。  

October 28

Charity Match, but lost the game

Kashiwa Reysol that is famous succer team in Japan  support Save The Children Japan. Espeacially they promote “Positive Discipline”. There was charity match at 30Sep2017, but they lost the game.   The charity match is hold every year,  but they have lost the game every year.  In this year we have prepared the life-size panel of marquee player in […]

October 26

See Yup Temple

There have been many times when I wished my knowledge in Chinese traditions matched my physical appearance.  However, truth is that I grew up in a country town in South Western Victoria and didn’t really have strong interactions with my Chinese heritage, except visiting my grandparents and relatives on school holidays.  This past weekend presented one of […]

October 26

Hide and Seek…

Sometimes there are things in life which are hidden from us, we see a piece of the picture and take it as the whole. It is only when these hidden things are revealed to us that we see the full picture and everything falls into place.  And so it is here in the Kathmandu valley…for […]

October 23

Syrian Refugee camp in Jordan

  Japanese follows Today’s theme is “To be honest, I was an ignorant. What did I realize in a Syrian refugee camp?”. Could you imagine that you have to keep living in this refugee camp for years and years? Could you imagine that you may not be able to go back your hometown? I have […]

October 22

What do you do at the time of emergency for your child?

PFA あなたは、緊急時の子どもに、どのように接しますか?緊急時とは、災害や戦争などだけではありません。子ども自身が大けがをしたり、周りの人が大けがをしたり被害にあったりしたときも、子どもにとっては緊急時です。セーブ・ザ・チルドレンでは、子どもは0歳から18歳までと定義しています。それぞれの年齢で、外にでてくる反応は異なります。 PFA(Phychological First Aid) 緊急下の子どもの心のケア「子どもの心理的応急措置」 PFAの行動原則は、「見る:Look」「聴く:Listen」「つなぐ:Link」 私もPFAの1日講習を受講し、資格をとりました。これで、緊急時には、ボランティアとして子どものケアができる・・・ことにはなりました。 What do you do at the time of emergency for child? ” Emergency” is not only at disaster but also at thetime of acccident.   We say “Children” is the age from 0year to 18year.  At the time emergency, the responce of children vary according to age. PFA is Phychological […]

October 22

The turn of my motivation

  My journey in PULSE program is “home country” without move.  I just work at different office in Japan, after working I must do  child rearing and household as mother. As there is not big change in my life, I didn’t write my blig until now. I cannot report  a major discovery, but i would […]

October 22

Far West: Part 2

In Western female society, we’re used to hearing the crazy, terrifying and sometimes humorous birthing stories of our friends – days of labour, emergency C-sections, husbands pulling out smelly food in the delivery suite – kebab anyone?! But even in the midst of the most difficult births there is the presence of highly qualified staff […]

My first blog

Yes, very true this is my first blog. Just 3 months back I was excited to join my Pulse Assignment. It’s really amazing and wonderful experience for the lifetime. I joined a school of mentally challenged children I.e. Aashirwad Special Education School. Initially it was a fear in mind what to do or not to […]