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May 03


Sorry for the delay on my last blog for my Pulse assignment.  It has been a true whirlwind.  I had 5 days upon my return to pack up my house in Dallas, TX and move to Raleigh, North Carolina for my new job!  The day I moved is the day I started and it has […]

February 07

MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A Joy Shared is a Joy Doubled.

On arrival in Nepal, I realized that a friend of mine that I had met a little over ten years ago had traveled to Kathmandu as a pilgrim. Unfortunately, he got arrested and had been in jail for a while. His family back home was restless trying to acquire information about his whereabouts and health […]

February 06

Finding Neverland

It’s here – I reached my last week in the Philippines. I can’t believe it was only 6 months ago that I arrived in Manila. Feels almost like a century ago… Time can be funny sometimes, eh? When I submitted my PULSE application, I wrote that, amongst other reasons, I wanted to do this to […]

January 17

Spirited Away

(Before you start reading this post, I invite you to open this video and leave the music on the background. Trust me, it’s a beautiful song from one of Japan’s best animations, “Spirited Away”, created by master Hayao Miyazaki.) After five months working as a GSK PULSE volunteer in the Philippines, I decided to take […]

January 06


One of my first blogs was titled “Comrade”, the blog referenced a trip that I took to Sapa with my colleagues Chad and Mohamed.   I would like to expand on that blog and share my personal reflections on my PULSE comrades in Hanoi.   Comrades seems appropriate for 4 guys assigned to spend 6 months on special assignments in […]

December 29

End is Just a Beginning.

“Sometimes The Things We Can’t Change End Up Changing Us”. Now i am threshold of my assignment .If Good thing happens at the end that make you more stronger. It happen to me as well Regional council meeting was planned at the end. from 19th to 21st December in Srilanka. I proceed to Srilaka on […]

December 28

Great event mark the end of my assignment #IDPD

3rd Dec is the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities #IDPD. I am so blessed to be able to contribute my time and effort for a successful event that hosted by the Selangor Cheshire Home in Malaysia. I came back Malaysia to work with Dato Khatijah preparing the event. The team and I […]

December 23

The Blog that Refused to Write Itself

I know that it’s been way too long since my last blog post, but life has a way of getting busy and I can happily say that I wasn’t blogging for all the right reasons!  I arrived back in the US a few weeks ago, and just completed my assignment last week in Durham.  I […]

December 19


My last week at Path is here.  As this bittersweet moments starts and the holidays hit, it is vital to take inventory.  Inventory of my accomplishments, feelings, check lists, areas of improvement and learnings. I will say that I believe I had the model Pulse assignment.  I had a NGO that is well organized, passionate […]

December 18

Vietnam update!

The last few weeks have been crazy but I wanted to just give a quick update on my adventures which took me from Vietnam to Thailand, back to Vietnam then off to Cambodia and Laos. Bangkok Thailand– SEAP (South East Asia Pacific) meeting for CHAI.   This is the leadership meeting that I have been coordinating.   […]

December 13


There are not many opportunities in life to do things differently.  Habits are hard to break.  Time always seems like an enemy.  We get into our patterns and routines and believe that complacency is happiness.  Trust me I do love a nice routine.  It makes me comfortable.  It is easier. Less tiring. Being accepted into […]

December 08

The highlight

The highlight of my assignment must be the Biennial General Meeting for the region that I am working with – East Asia and Pacific Region of Cheshire Homes. It was held in Jakarta last October by the Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to attend. (sorry guys, I should […]

December 07

Disability Day Wonderful Moment of Life

The moment I received the mail of my NGO manager that I have to arrange and see the visibility part of 3rd Dec. program on world Disability Day. I was thinking what to do so it will add some value in the profile of my NGO and the project of Global Alliance, my worry was […]

December 06

The Bad and The Ugly

Most of my posts I believe highlight what a great place Vietnam is.  But with all good things there are bad and even ugly things.  I believe that silence is a form of permission.  I will warn you upfront that there are some images that may disturb you. The intent is to disturb so we […]

December 05

Life… Now for the Living!

An intensely beautiful landscape is splayed out before me. Lush tall green mountains are split by a powerful river descending steeply on each side. Frothing rapids 530 feet below create a calming sound, helping to relax the mind and steady resolve for the perceived insanity looming ahead. Steadily I traverse the steel wire suspension bridge as it […]