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July 13

My First Impression of Laos

Sába̖ai-di̖i! Welcome Blog-Readers to my first-ever blog! It’s week 1 in Vientiane, the capital city of Lao PDR (‘funny story I told everyone I was heading to La-o and 2 weeks later my friends YouTube shame me with a ‘how to pronounce Lao-S video’ – I win guys!) known as Laos prior to the Civil/Vietnamese War), […]

July 13

My first week has passed quickly

I at last started PULSE program for 6 months. ~JENでの1週間があっという間に終了しました~ I joined JEN (Japan Emergency NGO) in PR/FR department from GSK! This PULSE program motivated me because I am interested to NPO/NGO, international cooperation and volunteering. It is the big chance for me to challenge new job, new environment, new co-workers and others. Everything of  JEN was first […]

July 09


First two weeks at work…

July 03

My Journey was started

Today is memorial day for my life working at NGO. I work at Save The Children in Japan. I am in charge of corporate fund-raising . My first work at SCJ is understanding the spilit of SCJ and the structure of fund-rasing. I have realised the organization of SCJ and Save The Children Internationai. Good Luck […]

July 02

Say “YES” to adventure

Welcome to my blog where I’ll be telling you about my Pulse volunteering journey 2017. June will be my 1st month for Volunteer For all of you who are not so familiar with the Pulse volunteering program, The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s flagship skills-based volunteering initiative, where motivated employees are matched to non-profit organizations for […]

July 01

Settling In

After nearly 30 hours of travel I arrived here in Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam around midnight 22Jun17 wrung out and ready for bed. After a surprisingly sound sleep, I was ready to for my first foray into this booming metropolis. With confidence, since I had done my research, I ventured down to the hotel […]

June 27

And so it begins…..

The butterflies are beginning to dissipate.  The feelings of anxiety and doubt are gradually being replaced by unbridled excitement and anticipation!  I am boarding a flight to LA to Tokyo to Hanoi in about 36 hours!  Total flight time is around 25 hours! I have many books and movies downloaded to help me pass the time, […]

June 25


Taking it in…

June 24

Philly to the Philippines

I feel like I should introduce myself…. My name is Danielle Branch and I’m not a blogger. You’ve been warned:) Please note the following may occur: rambling and internal conversations random thoughts and opinions occasional bad grammar and misspelled words sarcasm and humor  I want this blog to be 100% authentic Danielle, which isn’t perfect. […]

June 20

Time is the greatest gift

GSK PULSE volunteer partnership* seemed like a distant dream for me although this idea was planted years ago. “There will never be a best timing for PULSE.  Every year we will always have different priorities. You just go ahead and chase your dream and we will support you!”  This was the conversation I had between […]

bags packed June 17

A New Chapter

Preparing for the Philippines

May 03


Sorry for the delay on my last blog for my Pulse assignment.  It has been a true whirlwind.  I had 5 days upon my return to pack up my house in Dallas, TX and move to Raleigh, North Carolina for my new job!  The day I moved is the day I started and it has […]

February 07

MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A Joy Shared is a Joy Doubled.

On arrival in Nepal, I realized that a friend of mine that I had met a little over ten years ago had traveled to Kathmandu as a pilgrim. Unfortunately, he got arrested and had been in jail for a while. His family back home was restless trying to acquire information about his whereabouts and health […]

February 06

Finding Neverland

It’s here – I reached my last week in the Philippines. I can’t believe it was only 6 months ago that I arrived in Manila. Feels almost like a century ago… Time can be funny sometimes, eh? When I submitted my PULSE application, I wrote that, amongst other reasons, I wanted to do this to […]

January 17

Spirited Away

(Before you start reading this post, I invite you to open this video and leave the music on the background. Trust me, it’s a beautiful song from one of Japan’s best animations, “Spirited Away”, created by master Hayao Miyazaki.) After five months working as a GSK PULSE volunteer in the Philippines, I decided to take […]