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September 20

Baby Shower – Wish you a successful delivery, Mercy!

It has been almost 4 weeks since I arrived. Meanwhile, I’ve completed all the mandatory trainings required for Save the Children staffs, participated in a few meetings, reviewed several reports, and summarized the proposals I’ve reviewed. Also, I made a plan for what and how I can contribute during my stay. My stomachache is completely […]

September 15

On the way home –

As I write this, Summer is coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere and for most of the folks on PULSE here in Nigeria will or have already begun their mid-trips home. This time reminds me of the song ‘On the Way Home’ by John Mayer.  A few years ago I got to see […]

September 12

Life in Abuja, Nigeria

I have been in Nigeria for more 2 months now. And in less than a week I will be back in France for a week off. These 2 months passed quickly, even if sometimes during free time there is nothing to do…. Here, the time seems suspended. I rediscovered the time, as I was a […]

September 11

Remembrance from the road 9/11

This is a shorter blog than most but felt I had to share – I’m over 7k miles from home and currently in Lagos for work and people greet me and their first words after introductions – I’m sorry for your loss – then it hits me – they may be remembering fellow Americans that […]

September 10

Biggest achievement and biggest disaster!

So this week has seen my biggest personal achievement since landing in Malawi and my biggest disaster! Last Saturday while doing my weekly washing I accidentally dropped my phone in the washing bowl -aaaahhh! In all the time I have had a mobile phone – never so much as a scratch and 5 weeks in […]

September 07

Trying to make an impact

September 06

Where is home

In only the first two months of my Pulse assignment I have felt more sets of emotions than I felt in the last two years. Working for CHAI has been refreshing, fulfilling and an enriching experience. I came here with unknown expectations and to say that it has exceeded my expectations will be an understatement. […]

September 06

Giving training on healthcare products to our agents !

Dear readers and followers, Recently, I had a break in Bostwana where I discovered one of the nicest natural reserve with a stunning wildlife. Indeed, it is one of Africa’s last remaining great wildlife habitat which provides refuge to huge concentrations of game. This is a very large inland delta formed where the Okavango River […]

September 04

Time –

It’s been an interesting 4 weeks since I arrived in country and the last 10 days have been most challenging when it comes to ‘time’. We measure our life experiences by it – from the hour we set our alarms, to the gatherings between family and friends for fellowship and meals shared, milestones like birthdays, […]

September 04

Nowhere in Particular

I am Nowhere in Particular… absorbed by Lagos Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan city and probably also the most over populated. It does not get much bigger than Lagos, the largest city in Africa’s most populous country. Despite all hustle, stress of traffic, and tension of 9am to 5pm job – Lagosians are still a very cheerful […]

September 02

A Malawian wedding and a construction project🏠

Well I am so quickly into my first month here and in some respects it feels like I have been here forever and in others the time has passed so quickly! I can’t believe that I had to go to Blantyre on Thursday to the immigration office to extend my 30 day visa- seems like […]

August 31

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 7: taking Care of visitors

Live Well is a social enterprise business owned by Care. So officially, my PULSE assignment is with Care. In reality, I’ve had little to no contact with Care since I’ve been in Zambia, other than saying hello when I pop into their building. Live Well is ran with dedicated staff who did not originate from […]

August 29

Getting started – Day 1

Today was practically my first working day at the Save the Children. (Yesterday was brief introduction and tour) Amazing. Office is beautiful, surrounded by a garden with greens. People are nice and kind. The weather is perfect, warm during the daytime and cool at night. I feel I already like this place. This week will be a […]

August 28

The journey is all about the people you meet along the way – continued….

As per my last blog about the people we pass every day – this is the story of J.H. Local painter – Abuja Nigeria. I met J. H. (actually his name is James Henry but prefers his initials) one afternoon in the Central Business District. He was sitting in the sunshine and as is usual […]

August 25

Reliable vs. Variable-which do you prefer?

Since arriving on the continent of Africa I have come to recognize that two words “reliable and variable”, and their respective meanings, have much greater significance in individuals’ lives than what I would of previously thought.  During moments of self-reflection I have realized that my life has been “very rich” with reliability; variability is not […]