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The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it; J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I arrived in London if only on a stayover on my way to Africa. I’ve started the journey and it’s been an interesting 2 weeks preparing for my first leg of auditing on behalf of the Malaria Consortium in Maputo, and Lichinga (Niassa Province) Mozambique. The Malaria Consortium is located near the Old Street tube station […]

July 23

‘What Exactly are you doing in Ghana?’

Is a question my Dad always asks. I often ask myself the same question! So here is the answer. In my last blog I talked about the Tropical Lab Initiative, TLI, the (small) organisation I am working with. TLI provides basic biomedical testing to 8 clinics in the ‘remote’ Amansie West district. Remote is a […]

July 13

Always seek the positive sides of things happening in Africa…and JUST be patient!

  Dear readers, I do have so many things to share for this week, not necessarily linked to work though… At work, first of all, we had a quieter week as we did not go into the fields with the sales team. I took time to read the Market Research reports regarding the business concept […]

July 13

It is not the strongest of the species that survies nor the most intelligent that survies. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change ” Charles Darwin

It is now 2 weeks that I arrived in Nigeria. I did not expect, by landing at the airport, to discover such a “green landscape”, but it is true that we are in the rainy season!! Picture 1 : Abuja After 1 week-end in a hotel, I decided to move in a flat close the Clinton Health […]

July 10

Miles and Smiles away

Hello everyone! Sometimes days are running and you only realize it when you speak with friends and family.  It is already over two weeks ago when I left colleagues & friends in Singapore and arrived safely in Nigeria, Abuja. Over this weekend I reviewed all pictures from my current journey and remembered that I was […]

July 10

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 3: safari

For our first full weekend in Zambia, we headed east to South Luangwa National Park. Kindly, the government had arranged two bank holidays in our second week, and Live Well organised for us to go to Chipata for work for the rest of the week (which is quite close to the national park), so we […]

July 10

Week 1 Video Blog – A trip to A&E and a meeting with the Minister for Health

My first video blog explains how I ended up in A&E in my first week, what I learnt from Uganda’s Minister for Health and an overview of my role with Amref Health Africa. Many thanks to the staff at International Hospital Kampala who were fantastic. Please let me know if you have any questions or […]

July 09

Short week visiting other Live Well offices and more rural areas in Eastern Province

    After this fabulous safari, we started our short week on Wednesday in Eastern Province, in Chipata city, where the NGO settled another Live Well office to get into more rural areas. Compared to the Lusaka capital, the town is much smaller reaching up to 60 000 inhabitants. This city is very close to […]

July 09

Enjoying a long weekend for a Safari trip discovering wildlife

Only two weeks after our arrival, we were lucky to get two national bank holidays in Zambia, starting the weekend on Friday early afternoon till tuesday…! We decided to enjoy this long weekend the best way by taking a Safari in Eastern province of the country at South Luangwa National Park. This is apparently one […]

July 09

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 2: field trips

Live Well activities cover peri-urban and rural communities, with two hubs: Lusaka (the capital) and Chipata (a town in Eastern Province, near the Malawi border). In our first week, we went to Kenyama (a compound in Lusaka city) and the district of Chongwe (about an hour from Lusaka) which was fairly rural. In week two, […]

In order to Arrive one must first Depart –

I started this particular blog thinking about departures – the departure from routine, departure from family and friends, departure from what is familiar… Today is the start of my journey – where will it take me? As I set forth for that drive from home to airport, I have more than just a flutter of […]

July 04 I am

This this my first blog….this history has started  6 months ago …I was starting my PULSE application. So many thoughts in my mind about this fantastic opportunity to participate in the work of an NGO for give a contribution for  improving people health. And now fantasy became reality!…I have the opportunity to live an experience […]

July 03

Via Aristotelis

Every year the birds from Europe start their long journey to the hot lands of Africa looking to escape from the cold winter. They pass through several main flyways between the continents. Discovered by Aristotle during ancient times Via Aristotelis (Aristotelian Path) is one of them. GSK also has its own birds called… PULSE volunteers. […]

July 02

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. “

The above quote from St Augustine was given to me by a friend before I left the US.  I think it is so true – you learn so much from travel.  I arrived in Swaziland and immediately was struck by the natural beauty of the place.  It is very mountainous in Mbabane ( pronounced bah […]

June 30

“This always seems impossible until it is done” Nelson Mandela

Tomorrow I will arrive on another continent: AFRICA It seems I don’t forget anything, I hope!! Because the last month there’s a lot to do in a short time, a lot to think while continuing to work. Thank to my friends, family, colleagues, my 2 beloved daughters and my adorable husband for their unwavering support […]