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October 17

Post #3 – Pray to rain can’t not be the only action – Please help!

On Oct 6th, I went to visit one institution that is part of the NGO I’m working for and they are about to lose all the vegetables they have cultivated because they are having problem with the water system. They are collecting water from one neighbor for the primary necessities only. This institution supports 38 […]

October 16

The Nigeria I saw

What comes to mind when you hear Nigeria? Lagos? Oil? Crime? Corruption? Well, that’s not surprising. However, allow me to introduce you to the Nigeria I saw. Before I do that though, I will shamefully admit that until I experienced and explored Nigeria, the things that would have come to my mind would’ve been Boko […]

October 12

Organizing Sales Challenge with Teams!

Our team faced drops in sales last month. Morale in rural areas is quite low: communities do not have a lot of money due to an unfruitful harvest. And without cash, unfortunately, they don’t buy healthcare products, priority being given to getting food first for their families. In order to recover from a bad performance […]

October 12

The melody of emptiness

I wanted to write another blog with personal reflection, as a follow up to ‘where is home’. I sat down almost every evening for the last 4 weeks to put something interesting together. Thousands, if not more, of different and intermixed emotions flashed by but the page still remained blank. I couldn’t work out why […]

October 11

Open heart … A coeur ouvert…

Three weeks ago I was in France for a one-week short break with my family. I really enjoyed every moment spent with all of them. I REALLY enjoyed all that I have. I also realized that, before going in Nigeria, I did not take advantage of life as I should. I enjoyed during this break […]

October 11

‘Cabin Crew: Prepare for Landing…’

Blog #1 After more than nine months of thinking about Pulse, talking about Pulse, dreaming about Pulse, preparing and planning… the ‘all about Pulse’ becomes a reality.  It hits on that final flight, close to destination, when you hear the captain’s voice: ‘Cabin Crew: prepare for Landing’… I land in Uganda a mild Sunday night, […]

October 11

Moving Forward With A Broken Heart….

This entry was intended to be a light-hearted look at my recent experiences at the Hanoi Pride Event, comparing and contrasting with my attendance at several Las Vegas Prides. I promise I will cover that, but my heavy heart won’t allow me to write that piece in light of events that took place in my […]

October 08


This expression is well known “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I completely agree that throughout history a single photograph has changed the world’s perception of a person or event, or it has become an iconic symbol for generations. For me, there are 5 photos, many taken during times of conflict, which are […]

October 06

“Pole, pole”

“Not all those who wander are lost” J.R.R. Tolkien “Pole, pole” es una frase que se utiliza muy a menudo y que significa poco a poco, como el hit del verano, despacito. Mi segunda semana ha sido más positiva en términos de adaptación, en parte, también ha ayudado que me he escapado el fin de […]

October 06

Volunteering Day within GSK: our Orange day in a school

Tuesday this week was booked for our GSK Volunteering day called “Orange day” as per GSK colour! I met for the first time my local GSK colleagues in Zambia. They are all part of the Sales & Marketing team for Consumer Healthcare but also sales representatives for Vaccines. Their role is really interesting. They shared […]

October 04

Global Festa in ODAIBA

  先週末はお台場で行われたグローバルフェスタに出展してきました。   グローバルフェスタは国内最大の国際協力のためのイベントです。(詳細はこちら) I participated in a Global Festa in Japan. The Global Festa is one of the biggest International cooperation event in Japan. イベントの企画~準備~実施までをすべて行いました。屋外でのこのようなイベントに出展者側として参加したのは初めてでした。 I am in charge of the event, so I need to perform the all tasks regarding this event (Planning ~ Preparation ~ Execution). The exhibitor was first time for […]

October 02

Three months in Abuja

Greetings from Abuja, Nigeria, My assignment is coming to its third month, I am about to have my annual leave and have a break from the African “winter”. For the local people it is winter indeed and you can clearly see it in them wearing long sleeve jackets and pullovers when it gets down to […]

October 02

Found Children’s Voice and Love In A Whole New Place

*Click the 5 mins video blog which summarized my urban program visits in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My PULSE assignment is a bit unique. It was unusual a PULSE volunteer to be assigned a regional role but based in Save the Children, Philippines (SC). This role requires me to travel out to other countries in Asia region […]

September 30

Post #2 – First stop in Nairobi: Police office.

For the ones who believe in bad luck day, yesterday I could have considered mine: I departure from Brazil with my luggage checked and when I was boarding at Dubai airport to Nairobi, the air company attendant requested to check the weight of my carry-on bag and charged me US$ 125 for extra 3kg that attendant […]

September 30

Eat ’em Alive

It’s been a huge day for Tiger supporters. We’ve finally won the premiership after a 37 year hiatus.  I managed to obtain a grand final ticket so was able to watch the game at the MCG.  It was an amazing experience.  I’ve just gotten home from roaming around Tiger town (Richmond) after the game.  There […]