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June 14

European Union for LGBT+ Rights

Last night I attended the “European Union for LGBT+ Rights” hosted at the Red Bear Brewing Co. ( The event was opened by the EU Ambassador to the US – Stavros Lambrinidis. The event had about 100 attendees. Drew Keller (my new supervisor – in the middle holding the microphone) spoke on how to tap […]

June 11

Here we go

Yesterday was my first day in DC and it was filled with a completely overwhelming experience – new people, new building, new badge (which i promptly lost), new city, new apartment, new way to get to work (walking and metro)…this list goes on. AND, I have about 8 million ‘things’ to learn. Like GSK, every […]

June 10

Preparing to launch

I’ve been a field-based employee for GSK in the U.S. since 2002 and have taken pride in my ability to effectively execute a successful launch. Strategic planning & preparation always led to success– whether I was launching a newly approved drug or a vaccine’s new recommendation, expanded age indication or an updated contract offer. Upon […]

June 06

Getting Ready…

About the journey to get ready for my Pulse Assigment…

May 02

Hi everyone, I will be volunteering for The Smile Train Philippines starting from July 1st.

April 23

Realising goals…

It’s a rare gift to be able to achieve our personal and professional goals… vision, determination and luck all play a part in whether or when this this may happen. In June 2018 I began working with Save the Children as a Global Advisor in Pneumonia and felt a sense of my purpose being realised […]

March 18

DOING and LEARNING in Eswatini — Doing

I have called this series of comments “DOING and LEARNING in Eswatini”. In these blog posts, I have shared some of my experiences with a focus on the LEARNING.  I have not yet written about the DOING of the work in my GSK PULSE volunteer assignment.   My assignment role was as a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis […]

March 08

Ending my amazing Pulse experience…

Hi everyone! It has been six wonderful months since I started my Pulse assignment as volunteer. I have met a lot of new people, new companies, new places, new communities, new projects and a new me. These are my lasts experiences as volunteer: 1. Organizing a team building to re-engage the team As part of the […]

March 06

DOING and LEARNING in Eswatini — Sustaining

  DOING and LEARNING in Eswatini — Sustaining One of the missions of the GSK PULSE program is to contribute real and lasting value to society through the volunteer assignments with our partners around the world. My six-month assignment is long enough to contribute value to the society in Eswatini.  During my assignment, I have […]

March 05

Fund Raising Activity

We organized a fundraising activity on 15th Feb 2019 at Randburg Park with FM radio channel for valentine couples for 10 kilometers. It was a fun activity in which we organized a stall of pan cakes and we sold about 600 pan cakes in 5 hours. Residents, couples and their families enjoyed pan cakes and […]

March 05

Epilogue : It always seems impossible until it is done!

I am back at GSK since January16th, and I can tell you that it is not so obvious! The feeling of starting from scratch in a new business, with only the people on your team missing but who do not have the same concerns. You would like to talk with them about what you have […]

February 13

Back at GSK – a new start

Finally, I am back at GSK, I started working last week on 4th February immediately after my return, as I felt that was the best way for me.  I used the past week to readapt to the weather and my daily routine in Siena. The most difficult part was managing the emotions, I was happy to […]

February 01

Welcome back to GSK – A new beginning

Finally, in January I made my long-awaited return to GSK after successfully completing my 6 months PULSE assignment with Save the Children in the capacity of Co-design Advisor. What an incredible journey this has been for me. It felt strange at first – more like walking into a new work place. A lot has happened […]

February 01

Every beginning must have an end – the final goodbye

And so, with the pre-design workshop out of the way, I began the slow winding down of my assignment. I still have a couple of things to do like updating my project charter and my budget sheet. When I look back to when it all started that cold morning in April in London, I wonder […]

February 01

The Program design that was not – thinking outside the box

Suddenly, it seemed I have run into a kind of hitch on my journey! The project team received the information that the research partner had revealed it was unable to conduct the Situation analysis which was initially slated for October and was proposing a new date in quarter 1 of 2019. The implication was that […]