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July 25

We are Citizen Diplomats!

I’m Moroccan, raised and grew up in Casablanca. I studied in a French school and have choose to move to Paris for my studies. After university and internships, I moved back to Casablanca for my 1st job in Sanofi. It was clear in my mind that I wanted working in an international environment, not limited […]

July 04

My Volunteeting Journey

By Zina BARRADA – Communication for Child Protection Associate @ UNICEF Ivory Coast Who am I? My name is Zina and I am Global Trade/Tender Capability Lead at GSK. I am as well GSK Job Plus Coach and Mindfulness Trainer. So, my complete job title can include ‘Mindful Facilitator Job Plus Coach’, and I like […]

January 14

One week on the field in Madagascar for the “Mother-Child Health Week”

It has been four months now since I landed to Antananarivo, and am working all the time at Unicef offices in Tana.  Being invited to join the “Mother-Child Health Week” with Unicef colleagues was really a privilege for me, and a wonderful occasion to see how  Malagasy people are living in another part of the […]

December 10

The countryside around Antananarivo(part II, National Park & primary forest)

During a WE, while visiting the Andasibe park, we were very happy to see for the first time in my life different species of wild lemurs in the forest, but this is still much more funny and surprising to hear the voice of the Indri Indri lemurs which are leaving in groups of 8-12 individuals and their […]

November 28

The countryside around Antananarivo (part 1 : rural villages)

If I want to go out of Tana city, I leave for a full WE at around 80-100 km from the capital (for ex in a National Park) or I go for walking one full day with a travel agency to discover villages and hills in the countryside.  Both solutions are giving me fresh air […]

November 16

The value of money in Madagascar – Antananarivo city

As you can see on the main picture, when I need to get money from ATM, I am taking the maximum possible of bills.. for a total of 400 000 Ariary, but not more. Do you know why ?  The reason is mechanical : the ATM machine can not deliver more than 40 bills at once. […]

October 29

My work at UNICEF Madagascar while plague epidemic was at its highest level earlier this month.

Nearly two months now, since I arrived at Antananarivo, It’s time for me to explain a little bit more what I am doing at UNICEF Madagascar. As explained earlier, UNICEF Madagascar is divided into 6 sections (see blog n°1), I am part of the Planning section, which includes Fundraising and Business evaluation.  I have three […]

September 24

Landing in Antananarivo to work for UNICEF Madagascar

End of August, start of a new six months life away from home, family and GSK Vaccines colleagues from Wavre, Belgium. Why Madagacar ? Because Madagascar is the 4st poorest country of Africa, and too often forgotten (as “out of the map”) and simply because they need help. Tuesday 29th August (day -1) : last french fries, last Belgian […]

July 04 I am

This this my first blog….this history has started  6 months ago …I was starting my PULSE application. So many thoughts in my mind about this fantastic opportunity to participate in the work of an NGO for give a contribution for  improving people health. And now fantasy became reality!…I have the opportunity to live an experience […]

January 11

A step towards the Sustainable Development in Madagascar

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since my last post, and actually I’ve been back in Belgium for 2 weeks. However, I had the draft of this following post and I really want to share it with you. During my assignment, I mainly worked on the strategy of partnership with the private sector in Madagascar. And, […]

November 11

Cocoa story

Hi everyone! As part of my project for UNICEF, I’m looking for new private donors to support UNICEF programmes, and partners to ensure and support the respect of Child’s Rights. We indeed believe that the private sector is a key actor to help communities by reducing their vulnerability and fostering their resilience, increasingly exposed to climate change impacts, droughts, cyclones, […]

October 04

“Vahaza” à Tana

Ma vie à Tana après UNICEF… (Vahaza : Traduction « Etranger », petit nom que nous donnent les locaux)  A Tana, l’aventure commence dans les embouteillages… il faut parfois plus d’une heure pour faire 4km dans des rues endommagées, en zigzag, où seuls les locaux en comprennent parfois les sens et priorité de circulation. Les nids de poule célèbres […]

August 26

News from the Red Island

Hi everybody, I’ve been in Madagascar for 8 weeks now,… so time to give you news from the Red Island. Many of you told me “the link to your blog doesn’t work”… here I am. I arrived in Antananarivo (called Tana), the 28th of June, for a UNICEF mission. For the first few days, I […]

March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

February 12

Back to Reality or maybe not

My first impression when I arrived was to think that I came back to a quieter routine which I have to say was not an unpleasant feeling. As I said in my previous posts, I have felt stressed during my assignment especially at the beginning but I eventually adjusted to my new environment. It is fair […]