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March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

January 11

Finally I know what I want to be when I grow up

Wow, it really is time to say goodbye to Africa. I have been delaying this blog for the last week as I haven’t wanted to officially acknowledge that my wonderful experience as part of the PULSE programme has come to an end. Very much like how I felt when I arrived in Sierra Leone over […]

October 04

Hello and Goodbye Ghana

Another month passes on the adventure-train. I can’t believe how fast my time in Ghana has gone. Another fantastic country, another fantastic experience. Starting of course with the journey from Heathrow. Never a particularly happy flyer so maybe a glutton for punishment given the number of flights that are booked over the next few months […]

August 12

Freetown, tenki tenki. Wi go si bak…

Well a lot can change in a month. We’ve had the World Cup final – a very fun, happy night out on a Sunday, a failed attempt to apply for a working permit and a resident visa, further meetings with various stakeholders in malaria prevention, a short, sad trip back to the UK to say […]

July 13

Aw di bodi?

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been here for nearly a month! Six months really is going to be here before I know it. Now into week three of my work it’s amazing how quickly time has flown. The rainy season has officially arrived and even the short few steps from the car to the house […]

June 30

My first week as a Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor!

Well, after an unexpectedly shellshocked start I can now officially confirm that I love the place! Sure, it’s crazy, mental and illogical a lot if the time but it’s also vibrant, interesting, incredibly welcoming and exciting. My favourite quote from the week was from my driver (yes I know that could sound pretentious but it’s […]

June 21

3 days in and it’s still very surreal!

Well what can I say…I’m here and it’s definitely an experience already! I guess it started at Heathrow. I’d heard that the sensible thing to do was ensure I didn’t make it easy to become a victim of ‘opportunistic crime’ so I dutifully approached a serious looking employee of the airport to ask where the […]