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November 14

Things to do on a Saturday

I am in Ghana, it’s really hot, and I am working with the Tropical Lab Initiative during the week. You probably think I sit by the pool all weekend sipping Star* beer,  right? Not quite. Some months ago I was sitting in a restaurant here in Kumasi. It’s called KRB, but we call it KGB. Anyhow, I […]

August 06

Living in Ghana

Many of the more adventurous people reading this blog will have contemplated a stint working in a developing country with an NGO. Some of you may already have done so. I talked about work in my last blog, but what is it really like living in Ghana? People say ‘hello’ and shake your hand, differently. […]

Madras to Mbarara-The story of a Commoner

Being the youngest of nine cousins, I was a pampered kid, who had always been provided with whatever I wanted, even without having asked them out loud. It’s already been a month here in Uganda and this particular post is about my initial experiences from my first ever independent life in a whole new continent. […]

July 23

‘What Exactly are you doing in Ghana?’

Is a question my Dad always asks. I often ask myself the same question! So here is the answer. In my last blog I talked about the Tropical Lab Initiative, TLI, the (small) organisation I am working with. TLI provides basic biomedical testing to 8 clinics in the ‘remote’ Amansie West district. Remote is a […]

March 26

Chapter 6: “To be sitting on a gold mine”

Hi everyone, I am still waiting for your answers to my last post’s request with your suggestions for the next one… (That was sarcasm: You see? I’m still here…) as you can see, I’ve already started writing it since it seemed that no one was going to answer or had any questions. So, I’ll continue […]

February 28

Colors of the Wind

“Giving Angels Wings to Soar”- this is what the tag said on a bracelet given to me by my godmother, my Aunt Margaret Crosby before I left to go to Uganda.  My family, friends and co-workers celebrated with me when I got the news that I was going to work with Eminyeeto, a girl empowerment program […]

February 12

Chapter 5: “The chameleon changes colour to match the earth….”

I am here again after my Christmas break…it is been quit. A long time without writing and, perhaps, my “inspiration” has gone while I was in Spain and I need more time to adapt myself again after my break…or may be too much work, because I am in the discount time and I need to […]

January 22

Beauty for Ashes Isaiah 61:3 Part II

The Home of Love and Dreams is where I spent my spare time while I was on my PULSE assignment.  I was also able to participate in community outreach activities alongside with David, Esther and the children.  This enabled me to embed myself into the culture more and learn how Ugandans live from day to […]

December 16

Chapter Four: ‘To be over the moon’.

Here I am again! This time it will be shorter, I promise (never do this…sometimes it’s impossible). As always you can check the Spanish /English version in  (You can also find something different in the staff’s blog, this is a suggestion of my Mentor, thank you Simon for your help.) There is only one […]

December 05

Beauty for Ashes Isaiah 61:3

Esther is a woman with a burning passion for girls sold into prostitution at very young ages such as 13 and 14 years old. She lives in Nyamitanga near Mbarara, Uganda.  She is originally from Rwanda and when she was 8 years old, her parents were killed in the Rwandan genocide.  Her father was a […]

November 20

Chapter three. “To get the hang of it”

During a couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to find the title for this chapter… Since I wrote my last post and after reading your comments I’m feeling a bit intimidated… maybe you are expecting too much… I’ve been in Ghana for a month… actually, more than a month, I am going now for the […]

November 09

All apologies 

I’m not a politically correct person,never been. I always say what I think,most of the time in a very straight and sharp way. People don’t like this, most of the time they just focus on the cover of the book and don’t read it. Too bad,people like that will never improve themselves. Instead, they will […]

October 23

Chapter 2. “This is Africa and also…..THIS IS AFRICA (TIA)”

I´d like to keep talking to you about my experience in Ghana, I thought it could be useful to have something that could come with us during all the story, like a nexus….one sentence for each chapter, doesn’t  looks bad…. In the first post, I spoke about the expression “do not cross the bridge till […]

October 21

Time of Our Lives

I am more than half way through my PULSE assignment and I was allowed and encouraged to take time off. Federica (the PULSE volunteer from Italy) and I decided to travel around Uganda.  We were so blessed to find a kind, Christian tour guide named Alex, Great Hills Tours and Travel LTD and see […]

October 05

“Don’t cross the bridge before you come to it”

  A few days ago I was thinking about how I could start this post. And why is that? Because I heard Mariajo talking about it in my last meeting in GSK and I think that it describes my feeling in the last months. I am now starting a new PULSE assignment in Ghana, and […]