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December 11

Making a difference 

I can’t believe how quickly time went by . As  I start to wrap up my assignment  I have a sense of fulfilment .  my aim was to make a difference .  As I reminisce about the events of the past  few months it leaves me with a sense of fulfilment. GSK South Africa arranged […]

November 30

Christmas in Munsieville

Some festive spirit came to Munsieville today as the Project HOPE UK/ Thoughtful Path Munsieville team and community volunteers held the tshepho children’s party (tshepo means hope in sesotho, one of the many languages of South Africa). We didn’t count but we think around 400-500 children attended. The party was held at the site of […]

November 28

First Day in Munsieville

After spending the last 5 months of my Pulse assignment working with the team in the UK to  develop our You Grow-They Grow schools activity (, I’m spending this week in Munsieville, South Africa and am getting the chance to see the work of Project HOPE UK in the community, firsthand. First, a bit about […]

August 01

July and Mandela day

I can’t believe how quickly time went by. The first month has gone by. As I try to look back at the activities and the learnings.  I realise that every day is a day filled with opportunities to learn and make a difference in people’s lives and mine too. Mama Betty at Thoughtful Path path […]

July 25

3 Weeks into the Thoughtful Path

I am now 3 weeks into my 6 months PULSE journey with the NGO: Project HOPE UK. I am based in Munsieville, a township in the west of Gauteng in South Africa. Why am I here? To create an operational plan for the Early Years Development Center (EYDC) which will provide a dedicated space for […]

July 22

Cosmos and cake

This week we held two plant sales, one at GSK Stockley Park and one at GSK Ware, to raise money and awareness about You Grow They Grow, Project Hope UK’s initiative to eradicate childhood malnutrition in Munsieville by 2020. I think some of the things I hadn’t fully appreciated until I started working with Project […]

July 22

Time for some market testing

I don’t know anything about gardening or children. So putting together a schools programme about growing vegetables is proving to be very interesting. Given that we are about to ask potentially thousands of children to grow some vegetable plants for us, I decided that I needed to have a go at growing some vegetables first, to […]

July 22

Sunny in Stockley Park

I am very privileged to work with some lovely people. When I first started thinking about applying to Pulse, I spoke to a few alumni to get an idea of what it might be like. All of them said what a great experience it was and how much they’d enjoyed it. They also said they […]

July 20

A late start

I’ve been on my Pulse assignment for a month now and you might have noticed that it’s taken me a while to get going on my blog. It’s not that nothing has happened over the last four weeks or so but I’ve never written a blog or even a diary before so it all feels […]

July 04

Join me on the Thoughtful Path: Munsieville

Today marks my first day on my PULSE assignment at Munsieville, West of Johannesburg in South Africa. It was a very cold morning that was immediately transfrmed by the very warm welcome from everyone at the children’s embassy and in the township. Had a tour of the township and facilities and met with most team […]

July 04

No turning back

Today is the first day of my pulse assignment. I am working with project hope UK based in Munsieville Krugersdorp just outside Johannesburg South Africa. As a Nutrition Campaign officer. I will focus on eliminating all key drivers of poor health in children in Munsieville.  Today I  started my journey and was given a tour […]

March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

February 14

“Keep the CHANGE!!! Yes, Boss…-Back from Humanity to Corporeity(Reality)#

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog11 Hello friends, colleagues and Pulsars, Yes, you are thinking towards the right direction from my blog title. Lots and lots of changes have happened within my work area due to reorganisation and I have seen them from the day I have re-joined my unit before three weeks. I have to accept the formula “keep the CHANGE!!! yes boss” as whatever changes happened here were out […]

January 15

Pulse Journey ends…I believe in rebirth…

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog10 Dear friends, colleagues and fellow pulsars, Today is my last day at Project hope UK office at Stockley Park; on a positive note , you can say first day after my rebirth with lots of enthusiasm, emotions and more respect towards the world especially those little monsters (God’s beautiful creation called children). People have […]

January 15

South Africa success stories-EYDC phase 2: Community consultation

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog09 Dear colleagues/friends!!! Here I am, to discuss more on phase-2 of our community engagement for Early years development center. Monash university student volunteers have been great support and excellent team I had during this EYDC project, I am very fortunate to have them during designing the phase-2 where we planned to go for door […]