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August 14

Quiz – Emma Drawbridge

How many patients were screened at Tabora?

August 12

The biggest treasure in the world!

So … one more week … the week started with overflowing me emotions after the first safari in my life .. Curiosity, excitement, wonder, compunction and sometimes fear overcame me 🙂 It is absolutely true there is only one way to observe the animals which is to let them be free! But today I want […]

August 12

Patient Information – Emma Drawbridge

How I’ve been spending some of my time in the office is performing analysis of data from a breast and cervical screening campaign performed in the town of Tabora. The idea of me doing this analysis is to clean the data and model it, with the goal of discovering trends that will support future decision […]

August 07

Where I Work – Emma Drawbridge

Origins of Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) can be traced back in 1910 to 1920s when it was known as Sewahaji Hospital and in 1956 its name changed to Princess Margareth Hospital. Soon after independence 1961 it was named Muhimbili Hospital to 1976 when its name was changed to Muhimbili Medical Centre. Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) […]

August 05

Quiz – Emma Drawbridge

Which well known song is played on repeat in the elevator in my apartment block?

August 01

My first month’s last week’s notes.

My dear colleagues, friends and blog followers! I apologize that I didn’t share anything interesting with you last week…for I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of messages questioning if was ok. Probably it was worth skipping that week to understand that my news is being waited for and the blog is read 🙂 […]

July 31

Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon

“Many women who seek AIDS services also face the challenge of cancer. It’s not enough to save a woman from AIDS, if she is then left to die of another very preventable disease.” -said George W. Bush. Women whose immune systems are compromised by HIV are more likely to develop cervical cancer. The Pink Ribbon […]

July 31

Office Rat – Emma Drawbridge

Like any good folk tale accounts vary wildly. One staff member says that the office rat is the size of a desk another says the size of a fist; I don’t think I’d want to meet the office rat if it is as big as my desk. I myself haven’t seen the legendary office rat […]

July 24

Blogging – Emma Drawbridge

One of my biggest worries after the initial excitement of finding out I had been given the opportunity to go on a PULSE assignment to Tanzania was that I needed to use a blog for the first time. I found the idea of doing this very daunting. I really didn’t know how to beginning or […]

July 22

Friday Night Take-Away – Emma Drawbridge

Walking home from work on a Friday night I thought to myself, what’s better than cooking on a Friday night, a take-away is better. Dar Es Salaam is great for street stalls and one takes my fancy based on the amazing aromas. This particular street stall sells barbecued chicken and barbecued corn cobs. So I […]

July 17

Learn, explore and immerse!

The slogan of my third week was: LearnExploreImmerse! On Monday I read a lot of descriptions and other interesting information about different databases, with a great desire to understand their basic directions and content. On Tuesday and Wednesday I listened to a trainer about another  system  which is currently being implemented at hospital . Today I […]

July 17

What Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Do – Emma Drawbridge

Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon® builds on existing healthcare programs to integrate cervical cancer prevention—including increased access to HPV vaccinations—screenings, and treatment as well as breast and cervical cancer education in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. The goals of PRRR are to reduce deaths from cervical cancer by 25% among women screened and treated through the […]

July 15

Learning Swahili – Emma Drawbridge

The lovely ladies in my office have been teaching me a Swahili ‘word of the day’. Now I’ve learnt most of the list, the problems come when somebody, anybody says anything to me. For some reason I suddenly feel a lot of pressure and give random replies. Real life example number one: Friendly stranger – […]

July 13

Notes of the weekend.

Blog is not just information clothed in words. Photos also transfer information. My first weekend in Mwanza. Walking around the city.

July 10

How will I overcome all this difficulties???

From time to time, preparing for my PULSE assignment, I read various articles about difficult life in Africa and ready myself for completely different conditions of life, mentally building a plan of how I will overcome all these difficulties and get stronger and stronger… Upon arrival, after all my flights I was met by my […]