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October 04

John and Dayna in Uganda – Bicycles Galore!

Since we have been in Uganda we are regularly amazed, confused, and amused by the abundance of different daily sights and sounds. One of the most common and intriguing highlights is the constant presence of people with and on bicycles. What makes the sightings here so interesting, besides the sheer number of bikes present, is […]

September 27

John and Dayna in Uganda – Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment

Living in the U.S., we take a lot of things for granted, one of which is that most women will have access to cervical cancer screenings and treatment. The good news is that deaths from cervical cancers in the U.S. are now rare, a success story over the last 80 years. The U.S. Preventive Services […]

September 20

John and Dayna in Uganda – Culture

Prior to traveling to a new and exotic place, we like to learn all about the local culture and customs of the people in the land we are going to visit. What will be the same as at home? What will be different? What do we need to look out for so that we do […]

September 13

John and Dayna in Uganda – Dayna’s perspective

Some of you have been asking for me to give my voice about what it’s like here and my perceptions. While we on our second road trip recently, I started to think about some of the harsh realities these people face on a day-to-day basis. So I went onto some websites to get some statistics, […]

September 06

John and Dayna in Uganda – Donors

One of the goals that we had in coming to work with an NGO was to learn about the donor process. For our entire working lives, we have always been fortunate to have the ability to contribute money to various organizations. While I tend to choose two or so favorite charities to send in donations […]

August 30

John and Dayna in Uganda – A Visit to Rwanda: Beauty, Great People, Amazing Wildlife, Genocide Horrors

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to travel and experience some amazing sites throughout the world. We have seen beautiful scenery, observed fascinating creatures, and met extraordinary people. Reminiscing, we had a great time thinking back on some of the many wildlife highlights to date: • Polar Bear viewing in the far flung […]

August 26

John and Dayna in Uganda – Frustrations = Perceptions = Fortunate

Living in a developing country, and working for an NGO, one has to expect that certain events and issues will arise that could lead to frustration. As we travel and see how a lot of people live here in Uganda, and as we learn about the daily realities facing the population here, we are working […]

August 22

As daily life goes

My work has taken me to different parts of the country alongside the Marie  Stopes teams. I have been visiting outreach teams and Marie Stopes clinics, observing, interacting with staff and suggesting changes to strengthen  marketing activities and achieve long term sustainability. The most exciting and satisfying tasks for me have been: conducting  medical  assessments; […]

August 16

John and Dayna in Uganda – Marie Stopes Uganda projects

You might be wondering about the specific projects that this dedicated organization has in place here in Uganda. 1. Output Based Aid This is an amazing program that is designed to improve the health of poor Ugandans by removing the cost barrier impeding access to high quality services offered in the private sector. The health […]

August 09

John and Dayna in Uganda – Similarities far from home

“Similarities far from home” When we learned that we were heading to Uganda for 6 months, Dayna and I had a lot to think about. What to pack? What not to pack? Where would we live? Could we easily access money? Would we have the ability to easily communicate via phone/internet? We had a host […]

August 06

Comfort and treatment are not always compatible


August 05

Medical assessment

Medical  assessment.  Last week I traveled through the country again.  Marie Stopes Sierra Leone starts The Extending Free Health Care Initiative (EFHCI) project. Using MSI’s Impact 2 mathematical model, it is estimated that the EFHCI will avert 693 maternal deaths, 120,000 unintended pregnancies, and 13,300 abortions through its FP intervention. One of the project outcomes […]

August 02

John and Dayna in Uganda – Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of Asthma

Asthma in Uganda I recently spent a Sunday morning at a medical conference of the Uganda Private Medical Practitioners Association. The theme was “Challenges in Clinical Practice” and one of the topics presented was entitled “Key Elements in the Management of Asthma in Resource Limited Settings”. For those of you reading this that are not […]

July 28

John and Dayna in Uganda – Food and Weather

“Food and Weather??” As many of you have asked what the weather story is here in Uganda, and what we are eating, I thought that I would give you the skinny on these two items. First, let’s talk about the weather. You would think that living on/near the equator would be hot and humid, but […]

July 21

John and Dayna in Uganda: Harsh Realities, Dedicated Healthcare Practitioners

This week was spent in the western part of Uganda in areas that can best be described as peri-urban and rural. My Marie Stopes Uganda colleague Augustine, Dayna and I set out to spend 5 days with various goals in mind: • To visit clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies to determine what challenges they are currently […]