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December 16

This is what my Pulse Assignment is all about!

The Nacanieli Mataika Story This is Nacanieli Mataika, he has albinism. He is a brave, intelligent, funny, gentle man who is suffering from terminal skin cancer. He and others like him were the inspiration and motive behind the forming and establishing of the very first Fiji Albinism Project (FAP). Nacanieli is seen here on his […]

October 19

GSK continues to donate Albendazole tablets in the fight to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in Fiji.

I was honoured to be invited and especially as a representative of GSK to the launch of the Lymphatic Filariasis Mass Drug Administration campaign at the Ministry of Health head quarters on Thursday 15th October 2015 in Suva. The launch was opened by Health Minister Jone Usamate who said “lymphatic filariasis commonly known as tauna in the iTaukei dialect has been a […]

August 30

Fire Walking at the Sangam Temple, Suva Fiji

I arrived at the Sangam temple heart beating to the sound of rythmic drums and an excitement in the air. After a  ten day ritual of worship to the godess Maha Devi these South Indian devotees believe if they are cleansed physically and spiritually they will feel no pain. Annually they bathe in the sea, before dancing yellow […]

August 21

The First Fiji Albinism Awareness Symposium

On the 12th and 13th August 2015 an amazing thing happened in Suva Fiji. The First Fiji Albinism Awareness Symposium. The goal of this  symposium was to use the knowledge and experience of the people within the forum to raise awareness around the needs of people with albinism across health, education and special needs sectors […]

July 16

The Unmissable Municipal Market of Suva Fiji

This facinating place is the beating heart of Suva and a wonderful area to explore any day of the week. Watch your back though, the lanes are owned by the barrow boys who deliver their goods at high speed and determination. I spent an eye opening, jaw dropping morning wandering from beautiful buckets of tropical flowers […]

July 03

Kava…no bubbles just yaqona

Well today was another day to remember. This is my view when having breakfast(remember it’s winter here!). After a really busy day at work I was invited for Cava, oh great I thought, cool glass of bubbles, great bar, fantastic scenery, little did I know the reality was tea room, washing up bowl and liquid that tasted […]

July 01

Fiji first day at work!

After sitting on a plane then a bus for 16 hours to get here boy am I gonna make the most of it! I arrived bright and early (GSK time) and was greeted with “Bula Miss Jan” handed a cup of coffee and encouraged to relax and slip gently into Fiji time, rather difficult for […]

October 08

Regional Dermatology Training Centre (RDTC) and Outreach clinics in the Kilmanjaro Region

Friday will mark my first month in Moshi Tanzania with the Regional Dermatology Training Centre (RDTC) at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC). The picture (yes, my camera is working! thank goodness for HDMI cords) is the building where I work, on the second floor. It’s about a 10 minute walk each day, depending on my […]

September 17

Moshi Tanzania – week 1

Jambo (Hello) I arrived in the dark last Thursday to Kilimanjaro airport and was driven about 35km to my new home in Moshi Tanzania on the compound of KCMC. When we arrived at the house, it was more than one could have asked for. It was beautiful!! There are 4 houses in my compound area. To […]