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March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

August 19

Helping Immigrants is a calling: El Futuro in Durham, NC

The wonderful work of one of my colleagues at El Futuro in Durham was recognized the local newspaper yesterday: DURHAM — Mental illness is never easy. But imagine facing depression or alcoholism in a place where you can barely communicate, where you are far from your family without much money to seek help. This is where […]

July 28

The Hands Project – Sharing success stories from El Futuro

The Hands Project at El Futuro is a way to share the stories of those who come for treatment while also protecting their privacy and confidentiality. Take a minute to read Diego’s story, it has a happy ending! “When you’re 8 years old, you shouldn’t have to live in a homeless shelter with your mother […]

July 14

“…[N]ot everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted*

I’ve completed my 13th day at El Futuro, like with a newborn baby my time here is still so new that I’m counting it in days – so the countdown now will be weeks, soon it will be months… I feel full, which is understandable as I would describe my time so far as the “sponge” […]

July 01

One of these things is not like the other!

I’ve completed my first week on my PULSE assignment at El Futuro.  So many new impressions… #1 Leaving the “bubble” of the GSK RTP Moore Drive campus  to work in downtown Durham (which by the way is a very nice place – come visit me and see for yourself!) GSK PULSE assignment Environment: A secured […]

June 23

The Future… at El Futuro

I feel like a kid again, you remember what it was like the night before the first day in a new school year…you are excited and have a few butterflies in your stomach as you pick out what you want to wear and gather your new notebooks and pencils. Through my employer (GlaxoSmithKline) I applied […]