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June 15

Fighting cancer one day at a time

Imagine a world where no one fears cancer.  That is Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) dream for Canada. With the work that the CCS is doing to fight cancer, I firmly believe that this battle is winnable. It is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Mark Zuckerberg, in a commencement address he recently delivered […]

April 24

Spring is here.

In the last 3 months, people would always ask me, “How are you?” I would always find myself grappling for a reply, and more often than not, I’d say with a smile, “I’m okay.” Sometimes, it is an honest answer. Sometimes, it is an empty one. Many times, I would ask the same question to myself, […]

March 10

My mission at the Society

Not many understand what I do here in Toronto, more so, in the Canadian Cancer Society. Here are the questions that I usually get about my stint. What am I here for? Why does GSK spend on me to volunteer for an NGO? What is my job? (translate: Do I organize charity events?) What help […]

February 02

Toronto and CCS: First impressions

Caution: Very long blog… I tried to condense my first 25 days in this post! The Weather When I first got here, weather was always a convo starter and I totally relate why. So, you see, it deserves the top spot for this story. I was never used to talking about it back home because […]

January 29

It sounds so cliché…

As 2016 came to a close, so too did my PULSE assignment at the Canadian Cancer Society in Toronto. I feel like I should write a final blog, but where to begin? As I reflect on these past months, I want to write about my experience, but I can’t seem to find the words to […]

January 13

A very long road to Toronto

Manila is 13,206 km. away from Toronto, an 18-hour direct flight aboard the Philippine Airlines, with a 13-hour time difference and 40-degree Celsius apart. I cannot overemphasize that they are continents apart. But I’d say my journey to PULSE Day 1 has even been longer.  Since 2014, I’ve been making it known to my line manager that […]

September 13

What’s YOUR risk?

Did you know that research shows that approximately half of all cancers can be prevented?  The Canadian Cancer Society is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer prevention.  During my PULSE assignment, I am working with the Society’s National Health Policy/Cancer Control team which maintains up-to-date knowledge about research evidence with a focus on cancer prevention […]

July 18

A Walk In The Woods

It’s the weekend, so I have decided to take this opportunity to explore my surroundings a little.  Who knew that there would be wooded trails and lush vegetation in the midst of the 4th largest city in North America?!  I consult a map and have a destination in mind, but find that the path splits […]

July 02

First Glimpse

After months of preparation and planning (and a short delay at the airport), the Canada Air jet touched down on an unseasonably warm summer afternoon in Toronto.  I was grateful to be chauffeured from the airport by my PULSE “Buddy”, and have consistently been welcomed by friendly, helpful people who speak my language in surroundings […]

June 10

Singapore Orientation 2016

Watch VLOG EP. 02 – Singapore Orientation 2016 2016 PULSE Volunteers from all over Asia flew in to Singapore for a 3-day, fun-filled, information-rich, all-you-can-eat-sandwich, PULSE Training!!! What made the training even more special was our amazing group! We were composed of individuals coming from different parts of the business, all having different years of […]

June 02

This is it!

Watch VLOG EP. 01 – Introduction   I first heard about PULSE in 2012 and ever since then, I kept checking their website every year telling myself that one day I will apply for this once in a life time opportunity and finally the perfect moment has arrived! THIS IS IT! I feel so blessed […]

May 30


A couple of years ago I applied to become a PULSE Volunteer for GSK.  After having volunteered locally for various organizations within my own community, I was excited about the prospect of traveling to some unknown location and envisioned an adventure immersed in the developing world.  Then, something changed my life.  I was diagnosed with […]

March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

December 22

A holiday surprise for a family coping with cancer

Today I am sharing another video. It shows a magical evening that I was so happy to participate in a few weeks ago. It was a simple but direct way to live our values and connect to the very people everyone here at CCS works for: those living with cancer.  On December 8, 2015, the […]

December 16

Thank you!

Welcome back to my blog!  It has been a while and there is lots going on as I approach the last month of my assignment. Today I am sharing a video that was recorded here at the CCS National Office.   It is a special message for all the incredible donors who help us achieve […]