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August 25

My lil friend …. Bhutu 

My father used to always say   – at the heart of life lies the relationship we have with other people,  close by or may be far away at the other side of the world. It is also important that how you let these relationships flow and grow . I am a strong believer of […]

August 20

Aashraya – Means a Shelter

Its been almost 60 days since I started working for my NGO – Aashraya Seva trust , Bangalore . Today , I would like to introduce those people for whom I am here . These people & their love for me , has made my commitment stronger than ever before to bring back smile on […]

August 09

Last Sunday , that Green ground took me back to my school days 

A Sunday well spent –to watch club cricket match after a long time , indeed was a beaming moment.. .. Entire day seating out side the rope and cheering one team is not something that I use to do while I was in school , but certainly now have hardly any choice left . But […]

August 06

Weekends seems to be very interesting….!! 

6:15 am -my phone displayed “Vihaan Subaiaah calling” Ohh…..too early isn’t it!! Vihaan( without a pause) – good morning Souvik,  last evening kusum tamang ( India care foundation Chief manager) called to confirm that we both can attend a seminar on Sustainability and legal – compliance solutions for Non Profit organization….. You can guess my […]

July 30

 Felt like at home ( read gsk work place) at M.S RAMAIAH MEDICAL COLLEGE , Bangalore

M S Ramaiah Medical College & Hospital , have been supporting aashraya Seva Trust since last six years . They extended patient benefits with their medical team conducting once in every month health check up camps , for inmates of Aashraya . Last week , when a team of 10 doctors & 3 paramedics came […]

July 24

Bengaluru ( aka Bangalore) days – Eutopia

Hello everyone , it is actually encouraging to read all the blogs here 🙂 Really Excited to do more & feel better everyday . Bengaluru- oh yes it’s amazing to be here – different language , completely different food &  top of all beautiful breeze all around   Two thing that localities go crazy about … […]