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March 18

I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

“Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray”.

December 15

Zebra Fish, Sleeping Beauty Transposition, CARs and microRNA Sponges, Oh My!

What on earth could these words be describing? When listed out, it is almost impossible to believe that they are used in the same conference. Is it a Zebra or a Fish or some Frankenstein amalgamation of the two? Turns out the zebrafish is a type of tropical fish that serves the dual purpose of […]

November 14

You have heard of Speed Dating, well, this is Speed Science!

As part of my volunteering with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, I was invited to a Research Summit. Whereby 41 recipients of ALSF grants were invited to attend a 2 day conference. One of the more innovative approaches to this conference was that each researcher/investigator had 3 minutes to present their research. The audience (other ALSF […]

November 01


The very thought of writing a blog had me procrastinating and, oddly, at a loss of words. What should I write about? Every idea that popped into my head I had questioned into oblivion. Is it blog worthy? Would someone want to read this? What should be in a blog?, etc. Then, over dinner with […]

June 11

My First Blog

Hello All- Just a quick note to let you all know that I am Very Excited to start my PULSE assignment with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation ( They are based in the greater Philadelphia area; but have a national focus and raise money for pediatric cancer research. I will be helping them to understand a little […]

ALSF: Winding Down

Tuesday has always been an interesting day of the week for me. It lacks the melancholy of Monday, with the start of a whole new work week ahead of us, officially ending a great weekend. It’s not quite up to Hump Day standards, and the “2 down; 2 to go” mindset. And it can’t even […]

September 25

ALSF: How Many Miles Do We Have to Go?

One million is a really BIG number. Forgive my statement of the obvious (again!), but the last thirty days at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation have emphasized that numbers hold great significance and can represent meaningful accomplishments. During the month of September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, ALSF instituted the Million Mile Run, a far-reaching effort to […]

August 19

ALSF: Team Alex Has No Boundaries

Teamwork can be a tricky business. Just ask anyone who has participated in any group effort with n>2. We often operate in a world with individual agendas and inflexibility, where literally millions of books, articles, TV programs, and workshops promise to teach us how to function more effectively as a team. It’s a complicated concept, […]

August 06

ALSF: It’s All About the Kids!

After reading my past posts, you’re probably thinking I’m some type of hybrid between meteorologist and charter member of ASPCA; maybe that’s not far from the truth. In any event, I couldn’t let this update pass without a brief mention of the ever-changing Philadelphia weather: the past two days have been gorgeous with mild temperatures, […]

July 24

ALSF: Golf and Bike Rides and Lemons, Oh My!

     Pet peeves. We all have them, although may not like to admit that we do. Reluctantly, I own the fact that one of mine is when people state the overly obvious; for example, “Gee, you’re tall”, or “You’re not from around here, are you?” I freely admit that over the last 7-10 days, […]

July 17

ALSF: Add Your Caption—“Ollie at Work”

Ok, I’ve got a thing for dogs. Feel free to unleash your creative streak, and share a caption for this great photo. Ollie, ALSF Director Jay Scott’s pooch, makes frequent visits to the office. He usually shows up and makes his presence known if someone is on vacation, off for the day or at a […]

July 10

ALSF: Diving in

My first week at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has flown by! The initial few days have involved getting acquainted with the staff; wonderful, warm people who are all deeply dedicated to the vision of Alex Scott, the remarkable girl who began the work that the Foundation that bears her name carries on today. In her […]

July 02

Sociological Observations: Getting Started at ALSF

I’m very much an observer of people, and my trip from Wisconsin to Philadelphia to begin my PULSE assignment with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation provided plenty of fodder for my unofficial case study. First a moment of self-analysis and reflection; my husband deftly navigated the organizational quagmire that faced us due to my packing with […]

June 25

Departure minus 2–Getting ready

I walked into the quiet calm of my sunroom early this morning, navigating around boxes, totes, clothes, shoes (Do I need THAT many shoes?).  Anyone who knows me well knows the answer to that question.   Sipping on a cup of coffee and looking out my back windows, I’m reminded again of the changes I’ll experience […]