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December 21

School’s out !

Today is the end of term for me with the Age of the Brain campaign, so it is naturally a good time to look back and reflect.  Not being an expert in the areas of schools, teaching, education, the brain or school outreach programmes, this truly was an ‘outside the comfort zone’ experience for me.  […]

November 27

Final Term

With only one month to go on my assignment and my strategic plan gaining shape, I thought I would give you a small sneak preview of my schools programme.  One of the high impact activities which we are planning for the Year of the Brain in 2014 is a brain experiment which is simple, inexpensive […]

October 22

Space Invaders

Last month I spotted the following Space Invader in Brussels: These mosaic character murals were inspired by the characters from Space Invaders and other video games from the late 1970s or early 1980s.  Since the end of the 1990s, French urban artist Invader has installed these characters in many cities around the world and then documented this as […]

October 03

Back to school and into the future classroom

I would not have said this about 30 years ago, but I am glad we are all back to school after the summer break.  The new school year for me started with a trip to Brussels recently.  Most of my relationships, efforts and activities so far were quite UK centric and I was really looking forward to […]

August 21

New Brain Disorder Discovered !

A new brain disorder has been discovered last week called Post Olympic Blues or POB.  POB is a disorder that occurs about every four years and lasts for different periods of time.  It is particularly epidemic in the UK at the moment and some of the acute withdrawal symptoms are: 1)      More free time and […]

First Lessons

I spend the last couple of weeks doing mainly three things: talking to teachers; learning about education systems; and identifying similar school outreach programmes to the one I am trying to create. This really brought to life something we were told at the PULSE induction seminar: The importance of spending a lot of time listening […]

July 19

It’s the Age of the Brain !

By the time I started my PULSE assignment at the end of June, what was initially planned to become a European Year of the Brain in 2014 had morphed into a global Age of the Brain campaign, with Years of the Brain in Europe in 2014, North America in 2015 and Asia Pacific in 2016. […]