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February 13

Omega – The Final Chapter?

It’s Friday the 13th [of February 2015]. For the superstitious or cautious, perhaps a night safely tucked in bed, smothered by a heavy quilt, with a bedside lamp illuminating – diffracting and reflecting off any unseen guests… A sense of false security? For the brave or carefree, maybe a night sat in solitude on the nearest, […]

February 07

Phi-Chi-Psi: Feisty, Chilly, Feasty!

As it approached New Year’s Eve, we approached Ulverston; arriving at our deserted little Victorian cottage just after 23 hrs GMT. It was a chilly welcome, a cold embrace!   Part IV – Physically Drained After my sleeping little tots were quietly tucked into bed, a gaze at two cars out in the chill and […]

February 04

Sigma-Tau-Upsilon: Schlepping to Ulverston

  It was not so much of the actual pre midnight schlep, that dragged me alongside my treasured living and inanimate belongings, from the cosmopolitan M4 postcode to rural LA12, fuelled by a cranking full-fuel-tank TDI automobile, definitely receiving maximum direct fuel injection, but apparently not exhibiting optimum turbocharged action, as it crawled along the […]

January 18

Pi-Rho : Poirot (Hercule Poirot!)

It’s just a few minutes to 7am. I’ve just woken up from a very deep sleep. A peep through the window – the sky still dark, the temperature?… supposedly chilly. It’s Sunday, the 18th of January 2015. Saturday, the 17th was physically exhausting. Around 11:30pm, as I treated my dilapidated body to a deserved hot […]

November 12

Xi – Omicron: The Sighs and Oohs of Remembrance

Remembrance – the sighs or the oohs? The sighs for the lows, the woes; The oohs for the highs, the glees.   Remember, remember the 5th of November [1605] – the gunpowder treason, the sighs … 409 years later, I witnessed the crackling of beautiful fireworks which radiated the clear autumn Manchester night sky, the […]

November 03

Lambda-Mu-Nu : Like Me and You, The Spider’s Web

It’s bye-bye October; welcome to my 10th blog! I cannot believe it’s been a month since my last blog. How did I manage to be silent for that long? But have I really been silent? I may not have shared with you my thoughts and experiences, But I have benefitted from those I had interacted […]

October 01

Kappa – The Midpoint

The clock just struck midnight, Bye-bye to my favourite month. Welcome October, my 2nd favourite!   I thought that the week just gone by was rather a calm one. It probably was not dramatic, but uneventful it wasn’t. My reflections on the events of past week …   On Monday, I was railed down to […]

September 19

Iota – Not an Iota!

1 hour 15 minutes left till the clock strikes midnight, Signalling an end to what has been a memorable day. I’m not referring to the Scottish Referendum on Independence, But the day I became a year younger. No birthday balloons, but a memorable day nonetheless. But exactly a week ago, I was getting ready for […]

September 11

Eta:Theta – It’s September, The 3 Peaks Challenge is Nigh!

Helloooo, September is here – the 10 days so far have all been pleasant for me! On Monday, we celebrated the 16th birthday of Golden Lane Housing – 16 years of providing suitable homes for people with a learning disability. The ceremony also marked the opening of Mencap’s Centre of Engagement in the North (our […]

September 01

Zeta – Zeal from my meal, Culinary Delights!

It’s 30 minutes to 12 midnight, At 12 midnight British Summer Time (BST), it will be 1st September 2014. And then the 12 days countdown will begin, Counting down to Friday, the 12th of September, When I will bravely take on 3 Peaks in the Yorkshire Dales.   My Beloved, have you taken the opportunity […]

August 21

Epsilon – A final Adios? Click and Give.

It feels and looks like the British summer has gone into hibernation, Are the clouds in your environs as grey as those hovering above my current location? Regardless of their shade of grey, those within my skies seem to be much saturated, Their condensed water vapour bursting forth in showers unannounced, Potentially leaving unsuspecting pedestrians […]

August 08

Delta – Such a Belter!

Okay, so I described June as roller-coasting, With wide open arms, my embrace for July, such a welcoming! Its moments of declivity it turned out, moments deserving of total repress! Enclasped by your big arms, a much needed hug to ease my moroseness!   Whilst I try to unravel the problematical, Allow me a moment […]

July 31

Gamma – Movables, Movements, A Moving Week

How are you, my Beloved? Missing me? Well, I thought you deserved some reading respite. Respite – minimal have I had over the past fortnight! Lots of goings-on, but I’ll try and keep my narration chronological and succinct! The chronology – I’ve moved, I’ve been on the move and I’ve been moved!! Oh, such brevity? Well, […]

July 15

Beta – BRAVO! Bustling, Beaming… Breaking News !!!

Keeping well? Good! I trust that you found the Phil Collins’ melody melodious! Anyway, are you getting enough ultraviolet rays, Permeating through your stratosphere these days? If not!, fret not! Warmer climes or not! Your warmth is far more precious!   Okay, it’s now time to test your musical skills, Nothing major (C nor G) […]

July 08

Alpha – Missing Ulverston

Ulverston, my adopted home, When shall I come back to thee? Boundless is the peace you give me, Boundless is the love I have for thee! When shall I come back to be with thee? For each passing moment I miss and think of thee!!   When we parted company that early dawn, Perilous was […]