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August 11

The story of Esther and Elijah

In a place like Kenya it’s hard to draw the line – will you be just an observer or an active participant? Is it a choice really? During my first 6 week here I was more of an observer: of numerous tales and stories, most of them with happy endings, because of the impressive interventions Save the Children have. […]

August 07

5 of 25. A new perspective: looking forward to more boring weekends.

5 weeks of 25 have gone by, at the speed of light; I was busy finding my own space in this colorful country, defining my work with Save the Children, building new connections, creating new routines. Today week 6 starts. It is a lazy Sunday morning. Shower, check! Second coffee, check! Online news, check! Facebook updates, check! Music, check! It’s only 10 a.m. and […]

August 02

Meet the … traditional birth attendants

The car drops us in the internal yard of Bumula health facility. Sitting at the back seat and chatting with my colleague, my mind is somewhere else, so I’m surprised to see a big group of middle aged women sitting on a sloping meadow, below some trees. They are expecting us. I hesitate to get out of the […]

July 30

Busy week, slow weekend

It’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and I wake up to hear the call to prayer from the nearby mosque. Kenya is a country with predominant Christian population, so initially I was startled every time I heard the powerful, monotonous voices coming from the loudspeakers installed in the mosques, at all times – mornings, afternoons, evenings […]

July 24

Photo reportage from the weekend: Naivasha

July 22

Audrie from Kibera

Have you heard about Kibera? They say it’s the biggest slum in Nairobi, one of a few in fact.. The home of estimated between 150,000 to 1,000,000! men, women, and children, just 5 km away from the city center and, as it happens by chance, half km away from where I live in Nairobi. I […]

July 17

600g of life

Let me tell you the story of 600g of life. Aisha* asks: Anyone had a premature born baby?  I see a bunch of hands slowly rising among the audience. 5 or 6 out of how many? 100 women? Too many, if you ask me. Aisha continues: Oh, well, only few then, the rest of you are lucky. My […]

July 11

Photo reportage from Nairobi National Park

While on our charity mission, me and my fellow PULSE volunteers enjoyed the marvels of Kenyan wild life, on a sunny Sunday morning. Pictures that speak more than a thousand words.

July 07

#1 of 25. Nairobi.

My #1 week in Nairobi. My #1 week in Africa. In physical terms it’s been a slow start. What I achieved in a week with on-boarding @work and settling @my place, I could squeeze in a day, in my other life back home. Yet emotionally, it’s been a fast train. Now is the time when […]

July 02

365 Days in a Month 

30 days ago I was comfortable with the abundance the number 30 was promising me. 30 for the countdown to my trip. Today I reached the bottom of the countdown. What does this make me, rich or poor?

June 02

Hello world!

Hello world, This morning I was reborn like Vani, the Pulse blogger. This is officially my first blog, so be gentle. Why today? It’s a memorable day, exactly 1 month before I leave on my Pulse assignment in Kenya, with Save the Children. I just booked my flight to Nairobi, so officially, Day 1 starts on […]