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January 27

31 Dec 2013: Final Thoughts about PULSE

I have dreaded to complete my last entry as I couldn’t believe my 6 mo PULSE assignment just flew by and I finished my assignment… It was a pleasure to be assigned to support ACEC team and Together for Better Health (TFBH) project via PULSE Program.  Since the start of my assignment, I had visited […]

December 18

14 Dec 2013: 5th Roma Spirit Award Event

With much anticipation and lots of preparation, 5th annual Roma (Gypsy) Spirit Award Event took place on 14 Dec 2013 in Bratislava.  It was a wonderful event, full of lovely music and dance performances, along with inspiring video stories of all nominated. Although a total of 7 awards were given, I consider all nominees heroes! […]

November 27

27 Nov 2013: Counting down to Roma Spirit Award Event

Recently the ACEC team (yes, me included) has been busy with the preparation of the 5th annual Roma (Gypsy) Spirit Award Event; a night organized to raise public awareness of Roma needs and to recognize the work of those trying to improve the situation of Slovak Roma. This event is like the Oscars!!!  With all […]

November 12

04 – 08 Nov 2013: Eastern Slovakia Training Visit

I cannot believe I have been in Central Europe for 4 months and there are only 2 months left before my Pulse assignment ends…  Time sure flies! For the month of October, I have been working on grant funding research for Together for Better Health Project.  The European Union has many nations and many funds […]

October 10

28 Sep 2013 – Exploring Sofia

While I was in Sofia, Romania NGO team invited me to join them for a free Sofia walking tour.  Of course I joined these lovely ladies to explore Sofia!  The free walking tour guide was excellent and the 2+ hours walk seemed to be over fast.  I hope you will enjoy this edition of photo […]

October 10

26 Sep – 04 Oct 2013: Bulgaria Trip

Approximately one week after launching Together for Better Health website, I was on the road again.  This time I traveled to Bulgaria to attend the 7th annual Bulgarian National Meeting Initiative for Health and Vaccination, and then to spend one week with Association National Network of Health Mediators team. In this trip, I visited three […]

September 18

Together For Better Health Website is now live!!!

With much pleasure, I want to inform you with the exciting news that the Together for Better Health website is now live to the public!!! I have been working on this with the joint team of 4 different NGOs and GSK.  This indeed is a great effort with lots of collaboration and contribution from everyone. […]

September 06

06 Sep 2013: Ahhhh… the question

Just recently a friend asked what exactly do I do in Central Europe?  Okay, this is for those of you who have short attention span… 😉 I am here in Slovakia as a project manager to support “Together for Better Health”, a unique project that aligns NGOs in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia on sharing experience […]

August 23

23 Aug 2013: Culture Exchange – Food

Per a special request from a dear friend, this is the craziest posting I am doing…  This posting is just on Central European cuisine as I am being educated by the colleagues here.  Hope you will enjoy this rare edition of photo blog!  🙂 Many thanks to the colleagues who introduced me to all the […]

August 23

17 Aug 2013 – Exploring Budapest

People have been telling me that Budapest is very pretty and I would like it.  It is sometimes called Paris of the East.  Indeed, Budapest is beautiful.  While in Hungary, I was able to explore Budapest a little bit but mostly on the Pest side.  I went to Buda couple times but only for meetings […]

August 23

11 – 17 Aug 2013: Hungary Trip

One week after my Romania field trip, I was on the road again.  This time I traveled to Hungary to be with the Hungary Partners team for a week.  The Hungary team took me to various meetings to give me a glimpse of what they look for in a Roma community for their community partnership […]

August 09

03 Aug 2013 – Exploring Romania

While in Romania, I was able to explore a little bit.  Many thanks to the two US Pulse volunteers, Julia and Holly, and the Ovidiu Rom ladies for showing me around.  It was a treat to be able to do so especially in between all the packed activities.  Once again, this is special edition of […]

August 09

28 Jul – 03 Aug 2013: Romania Trip

One week after my Eastern Slovakia field trip, I was on the road again.  This time I traveled to Romania to be with the Ovidiu Rom team for a week.  The Romania team took me to visit Roma communities and see the summer health preschool program the team is running.  We drove to Dâmbovița, Braşov […]

July 21

21 Jul 2013 – Eastern Slovakia Field Visit

This week was my first time on the field to visit Roma settlements and the schedule was PACKED!!!  We drove 5-6 hours (one way) to get to Eastern Slovakia and went to see 9 settlements.  I saw many Roma people trying hard to make the best out of their current circumstances.  We met with 2 […]

July 12

12 Jul 2013 – Exploring Bratislava (Part II)

Under popular request, here is another special posting of just pictures.  Enjoy!  🙂 Hviezdoslavovo Námestie Square Hviezdoslavovo Námestie Square with Hviezdoslav statue in view. (Hviezdoslav, a famous Slovak poet) American Embassy.  People playing chess in front!  Carlton hotel – originally constructed in 1837, lots of famous people stayed here…  Slovak National Theatre Slovak Philharmonic – […]