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November 21

The Personal Side of Pulse

My Pulse assignment catapulted me into a new life, in a new city, and a new job far removed from the comfortable and predictable life I  knew. I left the rolling hills and southern hospitality of the Bluegrass state (Kentucky) to make my home in the city that never sleeps – New York!  This is […]

August 22

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire!

A tiny ribbon of black smoke curls up over the window pane as she reflexively touches the wall with the back of her had. Allison feels heat and knows that there is fire slowly snaking its way through the laundry room walls.  Panic! Eight small children innocently napping one floor below as her aide silently […]

June 29

Shake, Rattle, and Role

I remember the day well. I was alone that night, a young mother, living in Los Angeles, with infant twins and a 3 year old all sleeping soundly in their beds. The earth let out a huge groan and began to shake. Plates flew out of the cupboards shattering on the floor. Tree branches snapped […]