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February 19

My PULSE Journey: What Have I Learned

I have arrived back at GSK this week, with my PULSE assignment behind me and my re-integration to GSK ahead.  It’s hard to believe that it was last July when I packed up my personal belongings and walked into the hospice to start something new.  I will definitely miss my Bethell Hospice “family” and the […]

January 08

Strangers In Our Lives

Recently I did something that was very humbling. Donna, the Intake Coordinator at Bethell Hospice, who meets potential clients that wish to come to Bethell Hospice, invited me to attend a meeting with a prospective resident. Donna meets most people who are referred to the hospice or who want to consider the hospice as a […]

Checking My Values and Beliefs

I recently attended the Central West Palliative Care Network Conference.  This is an annual event that brings hospice and palliative caregivers together to educate themselves on current happenings in their field of expertise.  The agenda included numerous physicians, PhD’s and experts in hospice and palliative care who shared their knowledge with the participants. Some of […]

An Insider’s Perspective

One of the responsibilities of my PULSE assignment at Bethell Hospice is to send out a weekly article to all employees and volunteers at the Hospice, educating them on the accreditation program that I am working on. In one of my messages I wrote about culture and asked the question “Who sets culture within an […]

A Day In The Life

Some of my recent blogs have been a bit emotional; it’s hard not to write from the heart in an environment such as this, so I thought it was time to lighten it up a bit. I want to tell you about some things that I have been doing during my time at Bethell Hospice. […]

October 07

HOSPICE – Dispelling The Myth

I saw many different reactions when I told people that I was going to be working at a hospice for six months. Although everyone was very supportive, I could tell by the looks on their faces and their body language that it made many people uncomfortable. It was evident that some folks wanted to ask […]

September 05


My last blog introduced you to the Heart House Hospice (HHH), a community services hospice program.  I also had the pleasure of visiting the Dorothy Ley Hospice (DLH), located on Sherway Drive in Mississauga, right next to the Trillium Hospital.  DLH is a ten-bed residential hospice (FYI, the government will only fund up to ten […]

July 31

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that I am entering week five of my PULSE placement.  As the saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun”. I have had a busy few weeks.  I had the privilege of visiting two other local hospices to learn about the services that they offer to people in need.  Heart […]

July 15

Bethell Hospice 101 – Learning About This Great Organization

I am now starting my third week at Bethell Hospice and my mind is swimming with information.  I spent most of the first week reading, reading and more reading.  From what I have seen/heard from other PULSE volunteers this is the norm; taking time to familiarize ourselves with the NGO that we are supporting so […]

June 26

Giving Thanks

The days are winding down until I start my six-month PULSE assignment at Bethell Hospice. Before I start my assignment I wanted to take the time to share my gratitude with the folks that have made this adventure possible. First, my thanks to my Directors, Adela and Cynthia; without your support this would not have […]