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June 13

Life Pre-PULSE & Post PULSE

As some of you know, last July I went on a PULSE assignment at The Food Trust working on Get Hype Philly! which is a citywide initiative promoting positive youth development in Philly and empowers youth as leaders to live healthier lives and create healthier communities. This volunteer experience became a point in my life […]

December 19

Do you believe in magic? John Sebastian

We just had 2 huge events this past month that the team I am on executed – HYPE summits (Healthy You Positive Energy) – one for high schools and one for middle schools. These events are an experience that is even hard to write on paper. Imagine a room full of 200+ youth all part […]

November 21

Thankful for the Teachers

It is one of those beautiful days that stick in your mind as the perfect fall day …. the leaves are starting to change, the temperature has dropped enough to make you need a jacket, the sun is out and I am outside walking to Global Leadership Academy charter school. We are visiting a school that has […]

October 20

I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way … (Whitney Houston)

Yes I now just put that song in your head probably all day – #sorrynotsorry. You may have seen pictures in my blog before of her but I want you to meet Priscilla and get ready to be amazed by her just like I am! Priscilla and the #GetHypePhilly kids are leading the way to a healthier Philly. […]

August 30

Its like a heat wave burning in my heart

We are in a heat wave in Philadelphia. There is a storm on its way. And I am climbing on board a yellow school bus – being granted the fortunate luck to get out of the office again to witness first hand the impact the youth and Get HYPE Philly are having in this city. […]

July 28

Field Trips (with pics)!

Week 2 is now complete and what a week it was (check out me & my team in our Get HYPE Philly! gear). To give you the highlights: – First visit – heading across the bridge to Camden and helping kids learn about the food environment. When asked about the food environment in their community – […]

July 19

Hello, I am new here …

Friends, week 1 of my PULSE journey is in the books. I am officially working for Get HYPE Philly! funded by GSK and led by The Food Trust. Get HYPE Philly! brings together 10 nonprofit Collective partners to empower Philly’s young people as leaders, preparing them to live healthier lives and create healthier communities. I will go […]

June 30

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” Edith Wharton

I am a second generation GSK’er. My dad retired in 2014 with 30 years and my sister has worked here for 14 years. I remember coming to bring your daughter to work day in the mid 1990s and never knew years later I would be working here! GSK is not only where my family works […]