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August 20

Week 3 – Malawian lessons

So week 3 and I feel I am really making headway with my procurement projects. Policy revised and awaiting review, had meetings with key customers to find out about up and coming big procurement projects and starting to help with getting processes and ways of working in place. Other Key highlights this week have been […]

Week 2 of my Malawian adventure

So this week I am really starting to get going with my procurement project, meeting people and reading up on processes and documents. I am finding the technology & systems very challenging ( not a surprise I hear you say 😀) but everyone is so ready to help that I think I am now up […]

Muli Bwanji from Malawi

So my first blog from Malawi and I have been here 6 days. My arrival at Chilkea airport on Monday seems a lifetime away as so much has happened. The PIH office in Neno BOMA are a backbreaking 2 hour drive from Blantyre ,the nearest big city, the last hour on the most difficult track […]

Today’s the day!

Well today has come round so quickly! Last goodbye meals all done and thanks to everyone for the kind and useful gifts Bags packed ( and unpacked and reepacked to try and get them down to the baggage allowance! ) anti -malarials started – so far feel fine although I don’t want to tempt fate😧 […]

July 19

Yippeee I am off to Malawi

Well after a couple of months of challenges I have finally booked my flight to Malawi and am heading off at the end of July to work for 6 months with Partners in Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo. I will be based in Neno a small rural district in the southern part of Malawi about 2 […]