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October 25

Pulse journey–Four difefrent events and four different experiences

HI All I am really excited to write this particular blog! The reason being the pulse program had introduced to me very interesting people and very wonderful experiences. I wanted to write about the four such experiences. The experiences are not related to my work but after long a day’s work and busy schedule I […]

October 25

My Pulse Journey–Detailing campaign and competition

Hi All. As Part of the pulse project I had been working with the private sector team of my NGO. The private sector team has outsourced the detailing work to an agency called HEPS. HEPS has employed around 60 detailers and 10 Supervisors .These 60 People around different parts of Uganda and meet the health […]

October 25

Wholesaler Activation

Hi All This is my third blog and it has been a long since I wrote a blog. I was a very busy with my project and had to do a lot of travel. I am really happy that my project is on track and as wrote in my last blog my wholesaler activation kicked […]

August 22

Pulse Journey-At the River Nile.

Pulse Journey—At the Source River Nile. This is my second blog from Africa and that too from the River Nile, the world’s longest river. Yes   I had been to the place where the River(White) Nile originates. It originates in a place called Jinja, some 70 kms away from Kampala in Uganda. Wow such a beautiful […]

August 11

At the Equator

Pulse Journey- At the Equator.   Hi all hope you are doing well. This my first blog from the equator-Africa It has been a long journey from Chennai (India) to Kampala in Uganda. It’s the first time that I have travelled out of Asia. There was lot of anxiety before I started my journey. I […]

June 20


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. My weekend this time around is too busy! yes i am busy preparing myself ,packing my stuff and getting ready to leave to Kampala in Uganda for my Pulse  Assignment. I am will be flying out tomorrow evening and reaching uganda on Monday afternoon with a nine hour […]