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December 19

24 hours remaining!

Well in 24 hours I will be leaving Laos after spending 6 months here. I have met some great people in Laos and it is sad knowing I probably will not see them again. Yet, I plan on staying in touch with them via email and Skype. On the other end, I am excited and […]

November 13

What a crazy busy month October has been!

My last blog was really short and to the point. I have now recovered from flying home and back so now I can share with you what I have been up to in greater detail. I promise to show you some great photos, and stories but you have to comment! Okay? I flew home early […]

November 04

Global Day Of Action – A Race for Survival

As part of a Global Campaign for Save the Children, 67 countries and over 50,000 children participated in the Race for Survival. The goal was to raise awareness globally that no child under the age of five should die from preventable diseases. Part of my Pulse assignment responsibility was to hold a public event for […]

September 29

Weekends in Vientiane, Laos

This post is for a friend/colleague of mine who asked “we know what you do at Save the Children, what do you do on the weekends?” So for everyone that has been following me on my journey here is a brief overview of what my weekends are like in Vientiane. Hope you enjoy the photos […]

September 11

August 29 Flash Flooding Occurred in Northwestern part of Laos!

Category 4 Flood (1-severe thru 5 being very small) so definitely not on a grand scale like the Philippines. Just to be clear. As Save the Children’s Communication coordinator, this was my true test to see if I can create additional awareness for Save the Children in Laos across its members and donors. Luckily, I […]

August 26

My First Field Visit: An Experience to Remember

After 7 weeks sitting at a desk, I was finally asked to spend 5 days in the northern part of Laos, working in the rural villages of Hongsa reporting on the successes and challenges Save the Children is having with Child Protection and Child Rights. Over the last 5 days, I had the opportunity on […]

August 11

My Life in Laos: What have I been doing so far?

Ok, so I caught your attention by my tag post picture right? If so, you are going to have to read my entire post before you get to know more about the elephants! But after work, there is always time for play. For those of you who all know me, the picture below is So […]

July 23

Sandy DeBussey is always right!

Reason why I choose this title was because last week I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia attending a Communications training class with Save the Children. When Sandy says the tuk-tuk drivers are crazy, SHE IS RIGHT. Imagine a city full of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and tuk-tuks (plus thousands of motorcycles campaigning for the upcoming presidential […]

July 06

My First Completed Work Week

Laos PDR (People’s Democratic Republic) actually stands for People Don’t Rush. Seriously, that’s what the guide books also say. I will come back and explain later on. To better understand what I will be doing in Laos for six months, I would like to share briefly what Save the Children in Laos (SCiL) has been […]

June 28

Laos: 1st day

SABAAI DEE (GREETINGS) It is 1:45 am for me, suffering from jet lag. My body thinks it is 2:45 pm! I arrived on Wednesday, so its been 3 days of me getting roughly 3-4 hours of sleep. I feel pumped up, excited, and my adrenaline is working overtime. The lack of sleep is not affecting […]

June 14

I’m off to Laos in 11 days!

Can you all tell I am counting down the days before I leave? I am very excited to be spending the next 6 months helping Save the Children, and experiencing hands on GSK’s involvement in providing a better quality of life for children. This opportunity would not be possible without the support, encouragement and guidance […]

Got my confirmation! Its now official!

Time goes by so fast when you are having fun… I cannot believe that 4 months has passed by since applying to Pulse.  I received my confirmation 3 hours ago that I will be volunteering with Save The Children in Laos for six months. My role will be Communications/ Development Coordinator. Part of my responsibilities will […]