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December 19

All Good Things

Unfortunately the time is now fast approaching (3 days as I post) when I will have to say goodbye to Rwanda and head back to the UK. As is natural at times like these, it has led me to reflect on my time here and evaluate the impact I have had in Rwanda and how […]

November 25

Lights, Camera, Action!

LIGHTS: So after 5 months, I’m happy to be able to report some real positive changes now evident where I’m working. The big one is that we now have good lighting throughout the dispatch warehouse (and even my office area) meaning people can now actually see what they are picking! Interestingly though we initially had […]

October 28

Hospital Visits and Gorillas

Well the past week or two has certainly been interesting. We now have a new advisor in the department I am working in who is working directly for the head of division. I am spending a lot of my time with him to work through the challenges that the department faces and am confident that […]

October 13

Adapting to Different Cultures

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about how I’ve now become so used to living in Rwanda and the Rwandan way of doing things. This includes everything from walking down the streets without tripping over or falling into one of the deep open gutters to driving like a local (probably not […]

September 15

A visit to the King’s Palace (and the only soft serve ice cream in Rwanda!)

So on Saturday I finally made it out of Kigali and into the countryside. This was all arranged last minute by being in the CHAI office instead of my usual office, and in discussing with some of the other team that their hire car had fallen through, I had a car and wanted to get […]

September 01

A chance to meet the regional GSK team

Well I have now settled into my new role which is proving challenging to say the least due to IT issues and space availability! Normal distribution activities are due to start this week though (& the IT issues are resolved) which should give me an opportunity to get to grips with the detailed process and […]

August 21

Settling into Rwandan Life

Well what can I say, it’s been a whirlwind over the 2 months since I started – and sorry for the delay in sending an update. I got back to work at the start of this week from a holiday that had been booked before PULSE came on the horizon (and couldn’t be moved) which by […]

Welcome to Kigali

So we all made it safely to Kigali, and to a truly beautiful city. Set amongst a number of hills, so many properties have great views – and the birds of prey circling over the city all day are amazing. I was lucky to be greeted by my fellow PULSE volunteers in Kigali, Colleen and […]