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September 24

All Things Female and Feline

I have been here for over a month now and it feels like time is already going pretty quickly. Work with Save the Children (STC) is going well, we are in the midst of a re-organisation so I am supporting the HR processes and learning a lot about Laos Labour Law.  Now, as much as my HR […]

August 28

“Sabaidee” from Vientiane, Laos!

First things first – it’s both ‘Laos’ and ‘Lao’ and hold the ‘s’.  So, is it ‘Laos’ or ‘Lao’? (I’ve seen ‘Laos’ and ‘Lao’ interchanged in written communications all the time). And if it is ‘Laos’ – is the ‘s’ pronounced? There are few discussions about this online but now being here, this is what […]