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July 10


Dragon Fruit. A good analogy for Cambodia. Exotic looking, not entirely clear what it is, what you do with it and then inside – totally different, unexpected and delicious. I suppose this is a seasonal fruit, but right now it is served ALL the time – in fruit salads for breakfast, as big slices after […]

July 09


Been reading for 2 days straight. Not complaining mind you, I LOVE to read, but this is pretty sobering stuff. I’ve been plowing thru reports and studies and presentations – getting grounded in the work my NGO Partner, the Malaria Consortium, does in Cambodia. I’d done a little background reading over the past few months […]

July 05


It’s raining. Although really, to call what’s going on right now just rain is a serious understatement.  The water has been thundering down from onto the roof  for about an hour now  – like it’s being poured straight out from a giant bucket. Pretty much a daily event this time of year in Phnom Penh.  […]