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June 11

Red Knots and Fruitflies

  Putting my PULSE experience into words has not been easy. I naively thought that the education system would be a straightforward one to understand, especially given my experience working in the complex American medical system.  I humbly discovered that public education reform is multifactorial, incredibly political, and involves a multitude of stakeholders and influencers to […]

March 23

Science’s Sweet Side

Part of the PULSE experience is being pressed into service on any number of tasks outside of your traditional GSK job description, and this week’s to-do list happened to include eating ice cream. I had the pleasure of judging another round of the Philadelphia Engineering/Math Challenge. The eight area middle and high school teams were given […]

February 04

You’re hired!

  I recently met some talented young people to whom Donald Trump should well pay attention. Given only an hour, they designed profitable luxury high rises `a la Manhattan and Atlantic City. These futuristic hotels were constructed as part of the Philadelphia Engineering/Math Challenge. Six teams of nimble-minded middle and high school students from Philadelphia […]