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December 28

Mingalabar from Myanmar!

My last trip around the Region before going back to London.  I have to admit I am counting down the days and spoiling my eyes with people and emotions.  Well, let’s try to get not too emotional now…. Hop Hop!!! Myanmar, well, what was I  going to say?  Oh yes, I just came back from […]

December 07

From quiet Laos

Good morning from one of the quietest place on earth: Laos! I have been spending the last two weeks at the CARE office in Vientiane helping the team to speed up on communication and supporting them to finalize the next 3 years plan with GSK. It’s not my first time in this amazing country, listed […]

November 16

Cambodia on mind #6 – Wat Langka

27. Wat Langka and meditation – A spanish friend, his first time in Cambodia, asked me where to go for meditation. He wanted to try and understand if it would help him to relax and leave stress and some of the bad western habits out of his life. I told him to go to Wat Langka. […]

November 12

Cambodia on my mind #5

Here we are with more funny stories from the Pearl of Asia. 23 – Do you remember my surprise in front of the shampooing in Cambodia? Well, you should have seen my face when I went shopping at the market. First of all, I am really pleased to have made the day of the women […]

October 29

Mobile Clinic, Hotline and Facebook page to support factory workers in Laos

As part of my PULSE assignment, I am also supporting Laos, Nepal and Myanmar to build and enhance their communication plan for CARE and GSK 20% reinvestment program. I was really interested in seeing the intervention put in place in Laos in garment factories with mobile clinic.  My first chat with one of the advisers […]

October 27

Two weeks of peace and silence: on my way to Mount Everest

I have just came back from my trip up on the Hymalaya. Going back to Nepal after 6 months from the eartquake has been an heartbreaking experience. Weeks after the two major quakes, they had been really shocking for me. Looking at the same place I loved so much in ruins. My family and friends […]

September 29

From the Pearl of Asia – Cambodia on my mind #4

Good morning from Phnom Penh! I’ve not written a blog for a while, too busy to travel around Cambodia or organizing my next trips. Do you remember my challenge? 7 countries in 6 months? Well, I am working hard on it! Cambodia and Laos are in my bag. Nepal and Tibet are coming next: a […]

August 24

From the Pearl of Asia – The four little monks

Where to start? Every single person, who travelled with me in Asia and not, knows I am obsessed with monks. I can tell you many stories of me and little monks met in the middle of nowhere in Myanmar or my huge smile in Khatmandu at the Boudhanath Buddhist Temple. I was born in Italy […]

August 21

From the Pearl of Asia – The old women and their tobacco in Ratanakiri Province

As part of my induction at CARE, I spent couple of week going around Cambodia, one of  provinces I visited is Ratanakiri.  Almost 10 hours drive from Phnom Penh and well known for its ethnic minority communities.  GSK is not involved in any of the programs here, but it was really fascinating to be immersed […]

August 18

From the Pearl of Asia – Cambodia on my mind #3

Let’s keep going with my personal Khmer list! This time we start with my beloved Russian market to Tuk Tuk drivers! Enjoy! 11. Simply I love the Russian market. It’s a typical Asian market where you can find whatever you want: meat, fish, veggie, clothes, plates, souvenirs, engines and even tires. I have two favorite […]

July 30

From the Pearl of Asia…

From the Pearl of Asia: “There are moments in time, when you have to slow down. Make no plans and let it go.” Dalla perla dell’Asia: “Ci sono moment in cui devi rallentare. Non pianificare nulla e semplicemente lasciar andare.” I’ve always thought, I would have never been able to do it. Since I was […]

July 28

From the Pearl of Asia – Cambodia on my mind #1

My first three weeks in Cambodia and I have decided that I am going to make a list of the things which are going to surprise me, excite me and of course confuse me. I am open and flexible, but I am sure there would be some remote really far events which will impact me […]

July 13

From the Pearl of Asia – “Women: what an amazing universe!” * Dalla Perla dell’Asia – “Donne: quale incredibile universo!

Here we are! Beginning of the second week in Cambodia!  It looks already long time ago since I jumped on my 18 hours flight to get here: house hunting, get used of the heat and humidity and surviving the jet lag.  I could speak for hours about the traffic in Phnom Penh, the noisy construction […]

June 24

From the Pearl of Asia – “You won’t realize how your life is going to change until that exact moment when”

I was talking to a friend couple of days ago, he was telling me about his baby kid, born in May, and how his life has changed in better since then. He used the expression: “You won’t realize how your life is going to change until that exact moment when…”  Well, I don’t have kids or a […]