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September 01

Lagos thru the car window

I’m in Lagos right now for a short time, helping with the roll out of two different logistics management programs (more on this in the next post).  When I told people in Abuja that I was going to be in Lagos for a few weeks, the first thing anyone said was that there is a […]

August 05

Fish Dinner

You might ask what the picture here is.  It is catfish.  One of my fellow Pulse Volunteers here in Nigeria, Nikki, mentioned in her one of her posts, a tub containing catfish. You might remember the picture (you should look it up if you don’t).   Well the picture attached is what happens to it after […]

July 16

You are welcome

You are welcome.  These words were the first words I heard coming thru the airport.  They were also the words on everyone’s lips as I was introduced to so many people on my first day at CHAI.  Welcome to Nigeria. This last week has been a bit of a whirlwind with so many things to […]