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November 13

Cycling towards a healthier Africa–Africa Classic

A cloud of red dust could be seen billowing above the horizon. Mount Kilimanjaro stands proud in the distance. The hum of spokes turning swiftly in its wheel is interrupted by the thunderous cheering of children along the dirt track. Enthusiastic cyclists emerge, gliding across the vast plains of the African Savannah amidst stones, shrubs […]

November 06

Sustainable change- Not just another jargon

It’s Monday morning, I step out of my week long isolation to be welcomed by the city with a warm breeze heavily laced with precipitation and car fumes. Street vendors were coaxing pedestrians to buy from them while fresh fruits and vegetables doused by a quick spell of rain glistened in the morning sun. I […]

October 29

Door, spice and everything nice: Zanzibar-a culturally rich experience

Every five year’s once Tanzania hosts its national elections to elect a new President and members of their office. I happen to be in Tanzania, on my PULSE assignment during this historical event. Elections here are not always peaceful and this has been made apparent by the shortage of supplies and drinking water, extended periods […]

October 02

A tale of two buildings

I saunter up and down empty corridors, peering through empty cabins in search of life. Empty desks and chairs, computers covered in plastic, files lay strewn across the table-reminiscent of a once busier time. Tales of its glorious past hang on either side of the walls. I stop and admire the colorful pictures and read […]

September 18

How I learnt to be resourceful in Africa!!

Reduce, reuse and recycle- a mantra I’ve always believed in and to that effect, I started “collecting” or “hoarding” as my mother likes to call it nick-nacks of varied nature-old wrapping papers, diaries from past years, watch tins and jewelry boxes, beads and strings, cardboard tubes of toilet papers, pieces of cloth and even the […]

September 04

Aeroplanes- the modern day storks that deliver babies

Aeroplanes- the modern day storks that deliver babies- Why sexual and reproductive health rights and education are important? Where do babies come from? Many Tanzanian parents when questioned tell their children that aeroplanes bring babies to parents. Around 50% of births in Tanzania still occur at home and when a child is being born, the […]

August 21

Technology-Transforming lives, in more ways than one.

It’s just another day, you wake up lazily, stretching across your bed, reaching out from under the covers and searching for your phone still dazed from your sleep. You check your messages, respond to some, quickly move onto Facebook: like, share and comment on posts with lots of #hashtags and in the evenings, after working […]

July 24

Let’s get down to business!!

Okay, let’s get down to business. In this post, I will talk about the PULSE volunteer partnership and my work with the African Medical Research Foundation (Amref). Let’s start from the beginning, the PULSE volunteer partnership is a flagship program started by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in the year 2009. Through the program, highly motivated skilled employees […]

July 15

Karibu- Welcome to Tanzania

“Karibu sana”-meaning you’re very welcome, is a phrase you will hear often in Tanzania and is for most people the first encounter with the language Swahili-spoken far and wide in East Africa. It’s been 2 weeks and 4800 km away from my home; here I am in Dar es Salaam learning a new language, learning […]

June 26

Beginning of a new adventure!!

A cool breezy Saturday morning, the gentle warmth of the sun, friends and family walking in and out to wish me, clothes strewn all over my room, mom fussing over food; yes, that’s me getting ready to leave on my PULSE assignment to Tanzania in a few hours. I get a moment of quiet to […]