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March 01

#6! 第六号!

Table #6 was the spot assigned to me while I was at the Save the Children Washington DC office. =) – 6 months went by in a blink of the eye, it feels like only yesterday when I was in the Save the Children Connecticut office, trying to find my way around… oh well… everything. Yet, […]

January 16


NO, it’s not the kind you get while standing under a mistletoe. (Christmas is over folks~). It’s Keeping It Simple for our Sanity (tweaked the last word just a tiny bit…) – For most of us, trying to get a point across or making an impression is an ever-growing challenge, as we compete for space and […]

December 03

Thank You! 谢谢你!

– As turkey, pumpkin and gingerbread seemed to be in every corner in the last month, it was with a new set of lens that I view Thanksgiving Day. Wikipedia states that “Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of […]

November 02

If there’s a choice, what would you choose? 站在选择题前, 你会如何抉择?

– The greatest impact during my first month in Washington DC, is the dire state various parts of the world is in, and the ripple effect these can have on what most would consider unimaginable. Fortunately, there are those that stand firm, trying to right the wrong. – Response to Ebola is stealing the future […]

September 30

Getting to know you

Does the title remind you of a song? “Getting to know you… getting to know all about you… getting to like you… getting to know you like me… learning about… day by day” Yup, one of the songs from “King and I”, kind of how I’m feeling during my first 2 to 3 weeks in […]

September 01

It’s HERE! 终于来了!

As I count down to the last couple of days left in Singapore, I look back to the day I decided to apply for the PULSE programme.   I’m glad I decided to take that step forward and email to my boss “do you think it’d be alright for someone like me to apply for […]