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Assignment Update – Philadelphia Education Fund

Hi Everyone, This 5th blog post is an update on how my Pulse assignment is going at the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF).  It’s been over a month since I have last posted. I am pleased to report that good progress is being made! You may recall, one of the primary asks of my assignment was […]

September 10

YOU Matter: An Invitation to Be the Change

Hello! Several of you have graciously written and expressed your interest and support in improving Philadelphia Public Schools. But many of us also aren’t sure what role we (as individuals) or our businesses can play in shaping the new future. The event on October 24th (invite below) will be an interesting one where some key […]

August 27

I (Still) Have a Dream – for Philadelphia Students

In the late 70′s, as my father was assessing where in rural Michigan he could start a family practice, my parents chose a small Bavarian town called Frankenmuth for both residency and work – primarily because they had young children and the town had a strong school system. Growing up in ‘the Muth’, every August […]

July 28

“…Who Sent You Here?”

Previous PULSE volunteers were right. The first 6 weeks of your 6 month PULSE assignment fly by!  So far, my experience with the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF) has been refreshing and challenging. As someone who loves to study and enhance the health of organizations, being submerged into a completely different environment like this has been […]

Save the Children (of Philadelphia)

With honor and humility, I began my 6 month PULSE assignment at the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF) last month.  PEF partners closely with the school district as well as other nonprofits, universities, and corporations like GlaxoSmithKline to provide programs & initiatives that help enable Philly youth to be prepared for college and careers. This first […]