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August 10

Eid al-Fitrعيد الفطر

اعتقد انه اول بلوج باللغه العربيه واعتقد انها تستحق ان اكتب هذا البلوج بهذه اللغه مترجم الي الانجليزيه.احتفلت امس الجمعه 9 اغسطس 2013 بعيد الفطر الذي سوف اشرحه لمن لا يعرف ما هو هذا اليوم عيد الفطر هوأول أعياد المسلمين والذي يحتفل به المسلمون في أول يوم من أيام شهر شوال. وعيد الفطر يأتي بعد […]

July 15

I went to the Jail

With the beginning of my third week with Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA), I went to the Jail. But not for committing a crime but to encourage prisoners waiting on trial to enrol in Vocational training courses with the Yuva Parivartan project of KSWA. Our society does not accept criminals and it has been found […]

July 02

We got lost

Today 2nd July 13 is my first day in my assignment and my third day in India. I got up early in the morning before going to the work about 5 hours. My new colleague Yolando Sutherland (GSK Jamaica), the second PULSE Volunteer in the same NGO. She phoned me to go to (KSWA) Khrwadi Social […]

Greeting to eac…

Greeting to each person left his home for Semitic goals.

May 29

Thanks Sue & Andrew (Morocco Session)

from the right Sue Gammons,Sunday Afonja ,Samy Emam,Andrew Butler,Mahmoud Mohsen and Hyacinth Okpeich

May 29

Morocco Mandatory Sessions May2013

Moaz Ibrahim, Samy Emam, Kateem Alotaibi, karima taouki, Mark Stephens, Muyesser Ertugrul, John Tafao, susan gitau, sunday Afonja, Hyacinth Okpechi,Mahmoud Mohsen

Mumbai & Cairo& kingston

  It’s a fantastic world when you can communicate with yesterday and with tomorrow in the same time!!!  It just like Travelling a cross the time.

I’ve got my Con…

I’ve got my Confirmation I will be working for non-profit organisations, Kherwadi Social Welfare Association,Mumbai,India to help build a positive, sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged and socially deprived youth of India. If you would like to know more about the NGO program for changing lives of the youth please visit