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January 26

Never Overlook Human Dignity

It has been three months I have been working with Friendship to develop this guideline and have tried to contribute providing my expertise on research and embedding risk & project management tools in the guideline. Apart from the knowledge gained on disaster preparedness and response, one of the most important learning for me from this […]

January 08

Two Months in Bangladesh

It has been a while since I have written a blog. I have completed 2 months in Dhaka in Dec 2014. Going back to November 2014, I had the chance to attend the Shelter Workshop that was organized jointly by Friendship, IFRC and Government of Bangladesh at Friendship Training Centre, Gaibandha district of Bangladesh. It […]

November 17

Adventures in Dhaka

It’s now third week in Dhaka and I have settled down well. Last week, I decided to venture out in the city to kill my boredom. I visited some historical places viz. Lalbaug fort, Dhakeshwari temple, Ahsan Manzil in old Dhaka. Driving on roads in Dhaka is a horrifying experience. I had taken a CNG […]

November 07

Miniature Boats

Finally I got a chance to see the minitiature boats the collection of which my NGO’s Cultural Preservation Team is building with the help of craftsman which are involved in building ships. All these miniature boats are made of bamboo. These are sold in the price range of 15000 to 60000 takas. Yes that is really […]

November 04

Second Week in Dhaka!

Friendship Emergency Response Process This is my second week in Dhaka and I have settled down well. I have been enjoying working with Friendship. The work atmosphere in the office is full of fun and people enjoy working here. At Dhaka, I find myself very much at home as the city has close resemblence to any of […]