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October 13

4th blog: Cassia Seed, ケツメイシ, 決明子,

This picture was taken at Oudong where had been ex-capital city in Cambodia from 1618 to 1866 (older history than Angkor Wat). When you stand on this point, you can feel that you could see all over the Cambodia. I stood there and felt like “this city saw all of Cambodia.” By the way, some […]

August 21

Keep my mind as open as when I began.

    ↑At the Face to Face PULSE global training at the end of May in Japan. I do remember the feelings that I felt when I’ve got a PULSE offer and joined this training. I hope to keep my mind as open as when I began. I will introduce othe PULSE assignees from Asia […]

July 30

Let’s activate!!

↑From  the plane going to Phnom Penh. Narita→Seoul→Phnom Penh プノンペンに向かう飛行機からです。いよいよPULSEが始まるんだなと実感し始めました。 ↑First day, first blue sky. 初日の青空です。     Hello, all. 2 weeks has passed since I came to Phnom Penh, so it is good time to update my second blog!! But first, I would like to say thank you all for your celebrating and encouraging e-mails regarding […]

July 12

My PULSE journey

英語の次に日本語がありますので、英語が苦手な方は英語をすっ飛ばしてご覧ください。   Hi, all. Now I am posting my first blog as a PULSE volunteer member to offer information relating to this activity. Though I am thinking to share daily activities, not only serious but casual, this is the first one and I think that it is a really good opportunity to make myself known […]