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October 09

The Give and Take of PULSE: Personal Reflections

Why might you want the opportunity to work for a non-profit? Many of you may answer, “I want a chance to give back.”  Three months ago I began my PULSE assignment with the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF), and all of my energy and anticipation focused on what benefit I could give to PEF.  I intended […]

August 06

Week 4: Spinning Your Wheels in a New Direction

Inspiration eluded me for the appropriate metaphor to explain our progress this week.  Pressure mounted as each day passed. People asked “what’s the theme this week?,” which by Friday turned into, “hey where’s your post for the week?” Patiently I waited for the right explanation; I had some dim ideas, but none fit exactly into […]

July 27

Week 3: Putting the Pieces Together

Imagine you’re sitting down to start a puzzle. You’ve dumped the 1000 pieces on the table and start grouping. Flat-edged pieces, piled together, establish the boundaries which everything will fit in.  All the blue ones are likely the sky, the green the grass; and, certain pieces can be set aside with no hesitation, “oh that’s the animal’s eye.”  Most importantly, […]

July 19

Week 2, Day 9: I’ve got Pop Rocks on the Brain … and I’m not talking about a craving

Suggested Optional Pre-work Before Reading this Post: Supplies needed: 1. Pop Rocks, flavour of your choice (yes the 80s candy) 2. Pen 3. Paper Action: Pour the pop rocks in your mouth, and make a list of all the thoughts you have about the quick experience.  Might look something like this:  [Image removed] Impressive brainstorm created […]

Week 1, Day 3: Knowledge is Cyber Power!

Here I sit with my new friend and colleague Cliff! We are learning how to post blog entries; creative colleague collaboration at its best. Cliff claims to be a novice blogger, but I’ll bet that this amateur will grow into an expert in a matter of cyber-days. His iPhone is already full of photos from day […]

Week 1, Day 1: “Left to your own devices you’ll be effectively industrious…”

It’s not quite as alluring as the after-dinner fortune cookie omen with the happy face at the end, but my horoscope in today’s paper made me smirk. On my morning commute into the much-anticipated “Day 1,” it read:  “Left to your own devices you’ll be effectively industrious…”  Now, I don’t usually pick up the free paper (nor do […]