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December 12

Stories — Robin in Rwanda #8

In the US, sharing our personal stories is part of who we are. Most of us see it as a way to bring people along with us to share and celebrate the good times and to get us through the bad. There are support groups for everything and therapists of all stripes.  Yes, we can […]

November 16

Cash Power, Capsule Wardrobes & “The Visit”, Part 2

With Carlton’s visit, I found myself reliving many of my “firsts” here in Rwanda.   Some things that were so foreign to me when I arrived, seemed quite normal when I explained them to him.  Other things, like the telephone and data system, remain a mystery to me!  Through this blog, I’ll share a few of […]

November 08

A Visit from “Obamaland”, Part 1 —Robin in Rwanda #6

September means vacation season for most PULSE volunteers since it’s typically the half-way point in the assignment. It was no different for my PULSE friends in Rwanda.  Tamsin was off to Australia and Bridin to Ireland.  I hadn’t made any plans to go home, but my husband bought his tickets to Rwanda before I even […]

October 26

PIH/SAP/GSK Featured at UN Conference –Robin in Rwanda #5

This is an update on an earlier post about  one of my assignments at PIH/IMB.  The GSK PULSE team joined forces with SAP (German Software company, similar to Microsoft) and their Social Sabbatical team to solve one of PIH/IMB’s (Partners in Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima) technology challenges. This is the first time two corporate volunteer teams have […]

August 23

An African-American in Africa — Robin in Rwanda

I’ve been “writing” this particular blog for weeks.  I had the feelings, but either I didn’t have the words or I had too many words: Awe, pride, love, wonder, happiness,  anger, fear, hope.  How could I feel all of these things, sometimes at once, I wondered.  And how do I express them?  Then I came […]

August 04

The House that PIH/IMB Built –Blog #3, Robin in Rwanda

If you have HIV, no income, young children depending on you, no partner/spouse, and live in a place like this, how would you survive? Would taking your HIV meds be your first priority? Partners-in-Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH/IMB in Rwanda) assists the Rwandan government and Ministry of Health in providing quality medical care to the three […]

July 03

Musings from Robin in Rwanda

Happy Independence Day to my fellow-Americans! Coincidentally, it is also a long holiday weekend here in Rwanda — both Independence Day and Liberation Day are celebrated on July 1st and 4th. I find myself unexpectedly in a hotel in Kigali this weekend as our house is not ready for us to move into as planned […]

June 25

Mwiriwe neza from Rwanda!!